Tuesday, March 17th 2009

TechPowerUp Radeon BIOS Editor (RBE) v1.20 Released

TechPowerUp today released Radeon BIOS Editor version 1.20, our popular ATI Radeon graphics card BIOS manipulation utility. The newest version of the software brings about some important feature-additions, along with improved stability and minor bug fixes. Changes in this version, as listed in the software's changelog is as follows:
  • Added hex editor
  • Added alternative BIOS extraction method
  • (Hopefully) fixed the 3650 Device-ID-bug for good
  • Fixed a bug concerning weird 4670 fan settings
For a complete version history, and to download the software, please visit this page.
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2 Comments on TechPowerUp Radeon BIOS Editor (RBE) v1.20 Released

x850 pro agp

well this work on ATI x850 pro agp
Win XP Pro sp3
MB Shuttle AN35 N Ultra
AMD XP-M 11X227

RADEON X850 Series
GPU R481 BIOS Version VER009.008.001.004
DEVIVE ID 1002-4B4B Subvendor ATI (1002)
ROPs 12 bus Interface AGP 8X @ 8X
Shaders 12 Pixel / 6 Vertex DirectX support 9.0/SM2.0
Driver Version atimtag (Catalyst 9.11) /XP

try it on your http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/index.php?page=1&architecture=ATI&manufacturer=ATI&model=X850+XT&interface=AGP&memSize=256

and on bios I extacted with ATIWinFlash : which showed:
Radeon X850 Series Asic Revision A12 DeviveID 0x4b4b Flash type M25P05/c
Current VBIOS VER009.008.001.004 Image Size 0x10000 CRC 0xAD00
P/N 133-A47503-103

When I try to load the bios, I get box that label as RBE and it say : Invalid file specified. Not an ATI BIOS? -Debug information: 'CheckValid' reported error.

thank.... bootmeup
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