Friday, April 3rd 2009

Lian-Li Launches EX-10, EX-20, EX-30 & EX-50 External HDD Rack Mount Kits

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched EX-10 (1xHDD), EX-20 (2x HDD’s), EX-30 (3xHDD’s) and EX-50 (5xHDD’s) external HDD rack to support your storage needs in an all aluminum frame and housing. The HDD rack has a front loading door, with individual handles on a bracket for each HDD, as well as a back panel PCB with a RAID controller from Silicon Image. The Sil5744 chipset offers hot plug and play capability with many of the RAID settings required today.

The SATA HDD configuration is in a Hot Swap Plug & Play backplate with an integrated RAID controller chip. To keep the device cool there is an appropriately sized fan for your unit with a washable nylon filter keeping dust and debris out.
EX-20: RAID Mode

EX-30 and EX-50: RAID Mode

The devices connect via USB 2.0 (480Mb/s) or e-SATA (3 Gbps, auto-negotiates to 1.5 Gbps) directly to your PC. You should make sure your PC complies with the minimum requirements:

System requirement

PC / Windows Systems:
Intel Pentium III 500 MHz equivalent or faster
Windows XP, 2003 Server or Windows Vista with latest Service Packs
64MB RAM minimum
250MB of free disk space
E-SATA & USB Connection

Macintosh Systems:
PowerMac G5, MacBook Pro or Mac Pro
MaxOS X 10.4.8 (or later)
E-SATA & USB Connection

Advantages of Hot Swap RAID array
These devices automatically rebuild HDD storage when a new one is added to the array when set up in safe mode. The best part is that no software is required and everything is automated from the moment you plug in the HDD’s and turn on the device to your desired setting.

Mounting HDD’s is very convenient, with each handle mounted using screws, which act as guiding wheels as the hot swap HDD device is inserted securely while minimizing the noises from HDD chatter

The cage on all units is lockable and complements Lian Li style with the hair-line brushed anodized aluminum in a black finish, combined with finely filed edges, and hand crafted tooling to prevent jagged edges, lending both safety and elegance to these neat external HDD cluster racks.

For more details on features for the External Drives please go to the Lian-Li website.
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These are external RAID array boxes, not NAS.
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Dammit!! I need a nas!!!:(
oh well... better ask my school's sys admin for a old pc then...
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No word on price?
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