Wednesday, April 29th 2009

XFX Readying 1 GB Radeon HD 4770 Variant

Following ASUS, XFX is another partner breaking away from the reference design mold for the Radeon HD 4770 accelerator soon after its launch. The company is ready with a variant that features 1 GB of GDDR5 memory. For now, a picture of only its box can be found from an incomplete promotional page of the company, with links leading to its 512 MB base-model, but what the one picture reveals, is a rather lavish packaging. The "X" shaped box shows no signs of a "XXX" branding, or anything that suggests the card features factory-overclocked speeds, though the "1 GB GDDR5" is legible. The card is backed by the company's "5-star" warranty. Its pricing and availability are not known.
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Bah is everyone using that crap cooler?
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The 1GB model is a good idea and it separate their product from the rest currently out there but I hope we get other cooling choices on this card too please!
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When you click the learn more link it takes you to the 512 MB product page. So we dont actually know what cooler will be on the 1 GB yet.
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AKlassBah is everyone using that crap cooler?
yeah... but only XFX is using that crap box.
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hayder.masterit is 40nm or not
All 4770s are 40nm
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Yup, this table will silence anyone doubting the cooler's performance (not looks):

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I guess in that case (no pun intended), you would need good case airflow to allow that lower temp. But hmm..still seems a little high on a 40nm card that doesn't even tell you how much they OC it just to reel everyone in.

Although 1GB is nice on such a card, this time 1GB would actually more beneficial a few more % than other lower end cards receiving ridiculous amounts of memory just to make them look more appealing to idiots. But this wouldn't be a total waste on this card given its OC potential.
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Reviews are always WAY higher on temps from my experiance. I know that Palit uses the same looking cooling solutions so.. Imo all 4770's should've came 1gb like the 4890's.
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my hd 4870 doesnt reach 70 C at all, like all reviews said. hd4850 is hot though and 4870x2.

But i need a freaking dualslot cooler if im going to buy theese, microatx, and no dualslot= kill mobo....
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the VRM parts need some love.
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the fets(vrm area) look like they will be fine, most likely they used fets that are overspec so that they wont blow easly when overclocking :)
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btarunrYup, this table will silence anyone doubting the cooler's performance (not looks):
You are talking about the XFX with reference ATi cooling or the new cooling system which covers the whole card? Interesting results anyway. If it is with the ATi reference cooling, then I suspect the card to be a bit noisier. Or am I mistaken here? Enlighten me :)
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