Tuesday, May 19th 2009

JEDEC Publishes First Standard for 1.8-inch Solid-State Drives

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association, the global leader in standards development for the microelectronics industry, today announced that it has published the first official standard for solid-state drives. MO-297 defines the dimensions, layout and connector position for 54mm x 39mm 1.8-inch solid-state drives with a standard SATA connector. Adopting a standard form factor for these types of solid state drives will enable interoperability throughout the supply chain, benefiting drive manufacturers, product designers and consumers. Conforming to a single standard will further simplify the product design process, and increase the adoption of SSD storage solutions among different segments as replacement for the traditional hard disk drives or as complementing storage options. The MO-297 registered outline also corresponds with the SFF Committee specification SFF-8156, and the Serial ATA International Organization's (SATA-IO) Revision 2.6 specification for connector dimension and tolerance. The document with the new MO-297 standard is now available for free download here, as part of JEDEC Publication 95: Registered and Standard Outlines for Solid State and Related Products.

MO-297 is the first document to standardize a physical outline for a solid state drive. Adoption of this standard has the potential to deliver significant benefits for the industry by creating a single outline for storage suppliers and systems manufacturers to use and reference,
said Jim Leidy, Business Development Manager for Tyco Electronics and Chairman of the JEDEC Task Group behind the effort.
He added,
Consumers will also have the benefit of vendor choice and ease of replacement, since drives adhering to the standard will be interchangeable.
Source: JEDEC
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6 Comments on JEDEC Publishes First Standard for 1.8-inch Solid-State Drives

Why 1.8 Inch?

I reckon its probably to do with the width of the SATA connector (power + data).
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1.8" is used for stuff like iPods and Zunes. AKA PMPs. Some netbooks are also known to use 1.8" drives.
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1.8" is the portable drive of choice for MP3 and MP4 players.

I'd have nothing against a 1.8" E-sata-USB3.0 combo 64GB drive.
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HP uses the 1.8inch ff for its Elitebook27 series as well. Unfortunately for myself and other owners of this otherwise awesome notebook it uses a pata drive currently (but in a 3d drive guard, so its supposed to have sustained drop abilities.), so I doubt I will be able to upgrade to this new standard 1.8in drive.
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hayder.master1.8 how can i set it in case
The case has to be made for the super small drive :/
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