Tuesday, June 2nd 2009

Adobe and NVIDIA Initiate GPU Acceleration for Flash Player

NVIDIA and Adobe Systems Incorporated announced that they are collaborating as part of the Open Screen Project to optimize and enable Adobe Flash Player, a key component of the Adobe Flash Platform, to leverage GPU video and graphics acceleration on a wide range of mobile Internet devices, including netbooks, tablets, mobile phones and other on-the-go media devices.
Adobe Flash Player will be accelerated across the range of NVIDIA processors, including NVIDIA Tegra, enabling users to enjoy uncompromised Web browsing, full H.264 video playback and rich, consistent Flash technology based content any time, any place and on any platform.

NVIDIA is also participating in the Open Screen Project, a broad initiative of 25 industry leaders to deliver a consistent runtime environment across devices. Led by Adobe, the Open Screen Project is dedicated to enable Web content and standalone applications across desktops, netbooks, mobile devices, televisions and other consumer electronics that take advantage of Adobe Flash Platform capabilities. For more information, visit www.openscreenproject.org.

“NVIDIA and Adobe share precisely the same vision – visually compelling applications running on every device,” said Michael Rayfield, general manager, Handheld Business at NVIDIA. “Consumers don’t have to sacrifice streaming video performance on small inexpensive platforms such as netbooks. A Tegra-based platform enables the rich, smooth playback they expect from a desktop PC.”

“NVIDIA’s unique expertise makes it an ideal partner for Adobe to integrate cutting-edge graphics and video acceleration into the Adobe Flash Platform, benefiting all types of devices,” said David Wadhwani, general manager and vice president, Platform Business Unit at Adobe. “Flash Player will leverage the power of the GPU to provide a rich, desktop-compatible Web experience on a wide range of devices.”Source: BusinessWire
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This is good news. I know they made this especially for the launch of the ion platform but I think that overall a lot of other systems could benefit from this. The GPU is doing nothing while surfing anyway so why not play flash video?
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~Technological Technocrat~
its a shame ATi cant be more proactive like Nvidia & get these sorta deals. Every little helps but then I guess for Nvidia its a lot easier since they have CUDA. Nvidia is working with some of the biggest names in the Graphics industry - ATi should be doing the same as a Direct competitor....Come back Matrox......
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So one day we will be able to play every high end game through a Flash portal. Nice?
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they need to start doing the same thing for adobe after effect .....
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what i don't understand is that Flash 10 is already supposed to be "Accelerated". just right-click any flash 10 content >SETTINGS...and you'll see the option "ENABLE HARDWARE ACCELERATION".

so what's the difference?

were they lying before when they said it was accelerated, or is this now going to be "even more" accelerated?

just answered my own question: http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/help01.html

currently FLASH 10 only uses the GPU to accelerate scaling of video.

i guess this future acceleration they're talking about is for video decoding, and maybe (i wish) all other FLASH like vectors, 2D,shading,sprites,etc
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