Tuesday, June 23rd 2009

Corsair HX750W and HX850W Bag Elusive 80 Plus Gold Efficiency Rating

Corsair's recently announced HX750W and HX850W modular power supply units have bagged the elusive 80 Plus Gold efficiency rating, a title enjoyed only by a few high-end enterprise-grade PSUs. To qualify for this rating, a PSU must provide an output efficiency of at least 87% at 20% load, 90% at 50% load, and 87% at 100% load. At these levels of load, the efficiency of HX750W was measured 88.04%, 90.02%, and 87.04% respectively, while those of the HX850W were 89.14%, 90.38%, and 87.06%. These are Corsair's first PSUs to get the 80 Plus Gold rating, above the 80 Plus Silver which were expected of them, when the two were announced.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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8 Comments on Corsair HX750W and HX850W Bag Elusive 80 Plus Gold Efficiency Rating

The Knife in your Back
Very nice, nice to finally see some modular units from them, wonder how much they will be though.
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A friend of mine just bought the HX850 model. He'll install it today and I'll reply here on his initial comments if it's wanted.
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Very nice result. I've got a HX1000 in my rig, 80 plus Silver, but if they manage to reevamp and make a model with 80 plus Gold, I'll be picking one up. Corsair's PSU's have never failed on me, and they have a ton of faith in their products - just look at the warranty they give, 5 years!
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I have the HX850 and its awesome!
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Dammit! Why couldn't they have come out with the HX850 like a month ago!?! I would have bought that instead of the HX1000. Though I love the 1000... 80 PLUS silver is still amazing. OH well. Corsair FTW!
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Nice to see more efficient rated PSU's. Corsair's are top quality and I'm sure I never hit near 50% load of my 750TX, ensuring I've got a truely efficient supply.
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Bird of Prey
Awesome if I upgrade I now have more cheaper choices to go with. I was gonna pick an enermax gold psu when I went P2 but now I think Ill have to think harder. HX850 Modular with a gold rating and a bit cheaper makes more sense....decisions.
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