Tuesday, June 23rd 2009

Nexus Announces RX-1K 1000 W Modular PSU

Dutch PC casing, cooling, and power specialist Nexus announced the RX-1K modular PSU. This 1000 W PSU caters to the high-end PC market, at a relatively affordable price point. Its semi-modular connector desin makes sure the most important connectors are fixed, while additional ones are modular. Under the hood, it uses a single, powerful 75A +12V rail, which has a company rated efficiency of 85.6%. It is cooled by a single 1500 rpm fan which has a noise output of 15.3 dBA. On the connectors' front, the PSU provides two 6+2 pin PCI-E power connectors that are fixed, while two modular 6 pin PCI-E power connectors are included. Nine SATA power, ten Molex, and two Berg connectors. The cables are sleeved and compacted to help with the air-flow inside the case. The RX-1K is priced at 159 EUR.

Source: Tweaktown
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Bird of Prey
Awesome, Id like to see some of these european only dealers come stateside, they have some awesome cases and psus that I think would do well over here. that price in US dollars would be a steal.
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