Monday, July 13th 2009

Lexar Media Develops Fast New Crucial M225 SSDs

During the weekend Lexar Media announced that it is intending to update the Crucial SSD line-up, by providing new 2.5-inch M225 series solid-state drives, designed for use in laptops and desktop computers. The new Crucial M225 SSDs will be based on multilevel cell (MLC) flash memory and come in 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB versions equipped with SATA 3.0 Gbps interface. Read and write speeds for each one drive are as follows: 250 MB/s and 200 MB/s for the 256 GB model, 250 MB/s and 190 MB/s for the 128 GB model, and 200 MB/s and 150 MB/s for the 64 GB model. The official release of Crucial M225 2.5-inch SSDs is scheduled for July 20th, expect more information then.Source: Electronista
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6 Comments on Lexar Media Develops Fast New Crucial M225 SSDs

im holding out for a cheap (£150 or so) 256gb SSD that does about 200MB/s + write and 150MB/ps + read... prices are coming down as the drives get faster and larger... not too much longer i think :D
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psst, i think your read and write speeds are backwards
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Yeah, another year or so of these price drops and ppl may even start BUYING these things :)
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I was tempted to get two 30g drives... but then changed my mind as 60gb on raid 0 is still too small which is why i dont use my raptor 74g as my system disk anymore.

i guess two 60gb flash drives would be alright in raid 0 (and not that pricy) as I take it they dont suffer from slowdown as they get full like conventional disks tend to do
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