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  • Yes to the flash. Didn't work. I just called the RMA Dept. and they gave me an email directly to a person.
    Ooh sounds nice! I am just waiting to hear back about the RMA. I dropped them an email about 4 hours ago and did not receive reply.
    Ouch. Yah well my HD3870 just died. No signal sent to my HDTV, put in my 2600 Pro. Works beatifully.
    hey dark i know its kinda late but would you mind leaving heat on the E7200? link can be found in my sig i will do the same
    Avatar: Thanks man!
    EeePC: That would be tough going from a 17 to a 10. Sounds nice tho nonetheless. Wanna give us a few SuperPI benches :p
    Going ok. Been a slow day here at work. I finally got the e8500 to stable out @ 4.6Ghz, but not 3dmark06 stable.
    any news on fur benchs mate with 8.8? still havent solved anything, then to top it off, am really struggling with fps in crysis, can get over 11 no matter what drivers i use, im going to try 1 card tonight to see if it has changed anything, is ur mb 2*16pcie?
    I just hope you get the stuff soon. also I need to talk to you over AIM privately. It is rather important.
    Sounds really nice. I am just wondering why switching back to an older chipset from a P45 "??" Still nice upgrades either way.
    Long day tomorrow and can't really chat much.

    How r yah? It's been quite a time here being close to Washington DC. Today we visited General Washington's estate and mansion in Mt. Vernon. It was pretty cool seeing all the historics.
    LOL .. and what do YOU want? :p

    Same ol' shiot. Finished packing for the 8hr greyhound ride earlier and at work right now. Tis all.
    np man :) sorry for the delay i know i should be doing a better job but i have no transportation and i work till bought 4 in the morning so by the time i have a car when i wake up and people get home its closed....but i hope you like it dont forget to tell me what you think. due to my latness i shipped it priority first chance i got to hit the post office.
    Yah know what, I am in a bind with ram and split up my pair of OCZ between both my rigs. If you wouldn't mind throwing that ram my way it would help alot. That's up to you. You know I owe you a few bucks as it is.
    No way! I just hope all went well with the rest of the transaction. Rest of the stuff? What are you getting rid of?
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