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  • my GB dont read my Razer keyboard. I thought it was a driver issue with W7. Worked fine on this rig in vista ultimate.
    Yes, mine is Echelon V

    I don't bodybuild, I just do strength training mainly. Off and on for about 8 years. I just can't get much bigger without making the stylish clothing brands not fit. I mean it makes me a big guy, but not "bodybuilding big". I don't use supplements at all. Just multivitamins right now with a high protein diet.
    cool just checking to be sure, I never heard what finally happened. Did buy all my i5 gear last night though
    Cheers for that.

    My xeon is a sever q6600 by the way.

    I'll be going i5 eventually, I want that big bang mother board :D

    Thanks again.
    Hey there, don't talk to you much but you seems to know a fair bit was wondering if you could help me decide on something.

    I can trade my P5Q3 + Xeon for MA79TX Deluxe (dd3) and a 905e (will be using a 955 and selling the 905)

    Or I can buy a Foxconn Black ops mother board brand new for damn cheap sell my 955 and P5Q3.

    What would you go for?

    What will I get better performance from?

    Was it you that sent those cards? If so thank you very much. I had another one of those moments when I got the letter.
    Sorry mate, double post in the WCG team thead, could you please delete one of them for me before approving it? Thanks!!
    Processor is here already! :D Thanks much man, I can't wait to play with it tonight... scratch that I'm sneaking out of work now!
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