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Most WTF cooler?


Nov 10, 2006
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Jun 4, 2013
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It should for the most part, but you would probably want to be careful if you have very dry air. One time I had my P3 running at about 1100MHz sucking in cold air from outside (PC was next to the back door and I had it cracked open a few inches) when all of a sudden a couple big sparks shot across inside my rig. Luckily, nothing was damaged, but I didn't try that any more. :(
you could have a metal tank outside and use anti freeze liquid and have tubes come into your room and into pc, but remember to not have conductive fluid and must be anti freeze and u cant use a radiator as the fins breaks when the condensation thats formed up freezes.
i know someone who dug down a couple car radiators in his backyard like 3-5 feet down or so and he had it hooked up to pc and it was cold all year the liquid, especially when it rained or winter and its very efficient in his opinion


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Jun 23, 2007
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Don't know if this has ever been considered or tried. But I am tempted to run some sort of air tube that comes from outside (Where it is now winter) that runs directly into the front of the computers intake fan, and have a tube coming out of the back of the computer transfering the air back outside.

Obviously it would need air filters to ensure crap was not being sucked in. But I feel like it could work :D
like this although this has a aircon ;).
Oct 6, 2005
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