Custom Classic Vapochill

October 10th 2007
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Superb (7.7)
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Key Features:
High Rated Intel CPU
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System Specs:
  • Old Pentium 4 EE 478 3.2ghz @ 4.0ghz Cooled by Phase Cooling paint
Performed Mods:
Classic Vapo Dremel Work: relocation powersupply Slimed 2", X2 psu's, exaust psu's holes, Power Plug, Switch on off, back plate For Equalizer, Dlink HUB intergred Bracket, Side window cutting , Window alluminium gasket trim, side plexiglass, Custom paint basecoat Ford F350 Red Rubish, Compressor Gas Refill R504 -36C, New Custom Evaporator Socket connector, Other Modifications Custom Dual PowerSupply 450W X2, Integred Hub Dlink 4 ports, Custom EL Light Stips & El cables mod, 5.1 Equilizer Fm tuner remote control, Backlight mod el cable motherbord connections, Front Bezel Holes Lighted By EL LightStrip, Front Bezel Red panel Lighted By EL cable, Dual cathods Blue & Green, Hd's Fan Coolers, Video Card Exaust fan dock, X10 Entertainement anywhere Transmitter & remote Etc Etc ............
Hope you enjoy my Project took me about 6 months on & off Thx for taking time to vote KeepOn Modding Folk!
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8 Comments on Custom Classic Vapochill

I voted 10/10 because:

Because of all the hard work thats been put into this mod i think it's great so it deserves a high vote from me. Alot of people dont seem to grasp the fact this is a case mod gallery not a "who's got the best graphic card, cpu, ram" etc. That's why i think people have voted so low there votes are not true to what they think of the case just the hardware. THIS IS A WAKE-UP CALL.
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Thx for your Big thumbs up
i have build that system in one mind like investing into a car HiFi system when you sell the car
if the buyer canot afford the hifi audio then you take it out

well this is like my work horse tower Cuz ...Mobo & Cpu's can change but that good old Vapo mod will fit like glove for up comming new Harware

So if your Hifi Rox Why not install it into your new Mobo ;)
Know wot i mean hey :)

Keep on Modding Folks!
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9/10 Because Nothing Is Perfect

I gotta' say, that is some cool sh*t right there. That is one seriously modified case. The level of detail is amazing. A carbon fiber wrapped networking hub built into the back? Dual power supplys? Are you kidding me? This thing ROCKS! Amazing work ProStock. Kudos to you.
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10/10 Genuinely professional modding there, cant wait to see the hardware update
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