January 15th 2006
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Really ugly (2.0)
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Key Features:
Intel CPU AMD Graphics Exotic-cooled
System Specs:
  • Aspire 500W PSU,Pentium 775 3.0 530J, ATIX300 Vid Card, Viper Case, 200Gig SATA WD2000JD, 512MB DDR2 4200, MSI 915P Combo-FR MOBO, Sony 16x DVD burner, Aopen CDRW, Aopen 17" Flatpanel Monitor, Microsoft wireless Keyboard and Mouse.
Performed Mods:
Addes 2 fans to the standard cpu fan (red and blue) Changed psu, over clocked only 5% and still runs fine.
Well when you pass judgement on other people's systems here in the gallery I think you should either put up or shut up! So I'm just putting up. More stuff to come tho, systems runs fine and quick tho, runs NFS Most Wanted pretty sweet even tho the hdd is 75% used up. Wanna get some water cooling, but here where I live yah gotta REALLY look around to find propper mods.
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6 Comments on Viper

Really like the layout and small note , better routing of your cables and updating the ribbon to a round cable would have improved my overall rating....

Great Job and Nice Case
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u need some wire management and the fan deal on the psu does nothing just to warn ya. ive been in disussions about this and all it really does is cut the work for each fan in half making rpms go higher. no cfm boost. nice case in general but with little work done i cant give a high rating for a purchased product.
i give it a 6
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Work in progress

Yeah guys i know I gotta get a better cable management system, just have to think about what i gonna do about all those fan wires, it does have like 5 fans. Yeah and i know the ribbon cable suck but the thing about ordering parts from overseas is that WHEN THEY GET HERE SOMETIMES THEY DON'T WORK! Like the ram i bought, it was originally 2x 512 DDR2 4200 but one of em don't work and my roms weren't decting with the clear cable so i used the ribbon i had around the house. So when I get back some cash, i gonna hunt around for a green cable, get some cable ties, and a new CPU cooling system. Anyone wanna send me a water cooling system? lol, CAN'T FIND A GOOD ONE HERE IN BARBADOS!!
Ive seen a PC alot like that at a LAN I was @, where you live?
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ByroIve seen a PC alot like that at a LAN I was @, where you live?
I live in Barbados man. Where did you see it? The case isn't very popular down here tho.
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could do with some cable management
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