August 28th 2008
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Key Features:
System Specs:
  • Mainbord- EVGA 780i 3way SLi
  • CPU - INTEL CORE 2 EXTREME(QX 6850) @ 4x 3,33 GHZ
  • Graphik- 3x XFX NVIDIA GTX 280 XXX edition
  • RAM- 4 GB OCZ DDR2 Memory 1066 MHZ Dualchannel
  • Hard drives - 4x 150 GB SATAII WD RaptorX RAID 0
  • Case - Coolermaster STACKER 840 NVIDIA edition
  • Power Supply - Tagan PipeRock 1100W
  • CPU Cooler - Zahlman 9700 LED
  • Disk Drives - LG 2 x DVD & DVDRW SATAII
  • Fan Controler - Zahlman (ZM-MFC1 Plus)
  • Fans - 4x Aerocool Turbineb 120mm
  • Work System - VISTA ULTIMATE 64 BIT
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8 Comments on NVIDIA RULES ;)

tri sli

HOLY CRAP tri sli with the 280 this thing probably eats crysis at the highest settings!!!
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HOLY CRAP tri sli with the 280 this thing probably eats crysis at the highest settings!!!
Tri SLI has very poor scaling FWIW. It performs only slightly better than dual SLI and is mainly just for rich people to brag about.
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Not bad man, heaps of dollars worth of hardware in there. :eek:

Some pics with the lights on would be better though, those ones are dark and not very good quality.

lol You probably can't afford a better camera now though huh?? j/k
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Tri-SLi of just CRAZINESS!!!!!!! 9/10.....excellent job!!!!!
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the tri sli gtx280 just gets bottnecked...
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Even a single GTX280 is somewhat bottlenecked at 4.5GHz. Certainly three are VERY bottlenecked at 3.33GHz. I bet there is no more than 5-10FPS difference between dual SLI GTX-280 and Tri-SLI in this system.
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wheres the MOD.. Looks like some rich dudes case with expensive hardware and no MOD.

I do belive that this case gallery is for Modders?
no its for every one that wants to show there pc
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unfortunately scalability sucks quite a bit....scalable link interface my aZZ, very nice setup tho.
Performance increases are like:
1x - 100%
2x - 160-180%
3x - 190-200%
EDIT: and that is even with games that take advantage of it, ive seen some that actually perform worse with multiple GPU setups.

The way they used to do with SLI (used to mean Scan-Line Interleave) with 3dFX actually split per scan line, where 2 video cards could actually make up to double or triple the performance. The Scan line interleave, in my guestimation, if they put money back into the old way of doing it, would be like:
1x - 100%
2x - 190-199%
3x - 270-280%
but im sure there is a good reason why they didnt bring the old system back...
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