Blue OC

April 28th 2006
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Key Features:
AMD CPU AMD Graphics
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System Specs:
  • Athlon 2000+ XP, Epox 8K9AI KT400, Powercolor R9550, 512MB Kingston, Wester Digital 80GB 8MB, Creative Live! 5.1, Powersupply 480W, Case is Tracer, LG DVD-RW, LG DVD-CDRW,
Performed Mods:
Gigabyte cooler on CPU. Zalman fanless cooler on VGA. I fix a fanspeed controler for CPU in front of case. OC: Athlon 2000 xp 1,66GHz@2,2GHz; Ati R9550@R9600 GPU490/DDR580;
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3 Comments on Blue OC

Excellent OC on the 9550, must be the kooler! What type of mem does that card use? The ATI 9550 256 uses Samsung 5.0 and the most I can get is about 235(470). Only have Thermaltake single chip koolers, so that may be the difference.

How many 3DMarks can this thing get?
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Dainty Moderator
damn good oc on that 2000+ my barton was easy to oc but mine was pretty much maxed 2.2 is as far as iv seen some go though some higher chips like the 3200+ the 3000+ and mine the 2800+ can get 2.3 i got 2.3 barely though it was damn hard.
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My card use samsung t-5 mem but i write into it a bios from radeon 9600 xt that use samsung t-4 mem. Probably this is the reason why I can oc my card so hard. My athlon xp on stres have 35C so it's cold and I will oc it more when I hange cpu cooler to a pentagram freezone cu+ 100. :D My computer pass 3dmark 250 times with out any problem or artifacts!!! :D This is not the end for oc on this machine :D
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