AnnAbomba's Love Machine

August 28th 2005
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Key Features:
Intel CPU AMD Graphics
System Specs:
  • Processor Intel Pentium 4 2,66GHz (S478, 512KB, 533 MHz FSB, Boxed); Motherboard: Gigabyte 8sinxp1394 s655 /s478 / WA /LAN; Memory: 2x 512MB PC2700 (Hynix)and 2x 512MB PC2700 DDR (Dane-Elec D1D333-06464); Videocard: Asus Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB (AGP) A9800 Pro; Harddisc: 1x Maxtor 6Y080L0, 80GB (7200rpm, ATA100, 8MB), 2x Western Digital WD800JB, 80GB (7200rpm, ATA100, 8MB), 3x Western Digital Caviar WD2000JD, 200GB (7200rpm, SATA, 8MB); Soundcard: Logitech X-530 (5.1); Monitor: Iiyama Prolite C480; Case: Cooler Master Stacker STC-T01; Cooler Master RS-450-ACLY Real Power; DVD-burner: Asus
Performed Mods:
To let it look better then it already did i added a few (11) fan's, so i can keep it pretty cold in my case. The temp on my room is now 29,5 *C while my CPU is 38 *C.
The tuning is nearly done only waiting for 2 12cm (purple) fans to place them in the front side between the 2 blue UV's. shame enought i got to much calbe from the 11 fan's and 6 HD's but i will mesh them asap i got the last 2 fans so my pc is ready
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6 Comments on AnnAbomba's Love Machine

Senior Editor & Case Reviewer
*G* monster dude *G*

but don't you worry about it rolling of your desk?!?

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Oi sistah! Lovely looking case!
Posted on Reply
the weels are ok. you can lock them so the pc wont roll away.
And if i dont like it i can replace them for things.
Posted on Edit | Reply
That sounds funny, your pc could role away... nice job there man, looks great.

Posted on Reply
ya a run a way pc that would be funny . nice case anny way it looks snazy
Posted on Reply
May 17th, 2022 19:58 EDT change timezone

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