zAAm's X

August 28th 2005
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Key Features:
AMD CPU AMD Graphics Scratch Build Custom Paint Job
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System Specs:
  • AMD 64 3000+ NewCastle 2GHz @ 2.18GHz, ASUS K8V-X, 2x512MB Transcend DDR400 (2.5,3,3,7), Gigabyte 9600XT 256MB 500/300 at 555/333, Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 8MB SATA with NCQ, SoundBlaster Live!, AOpen CD-Writer and LG DVD-ROM on ViewSonic E70f.
Performed Mods:
Chemically stripped paint and repainted matt black. Custom side window X mod and handle. Custom made 6 channel Bi-Color Super Bright LED fan controller. 7 fans total. Added Thermaltake Blue Cold Cathode and super bright (10000mcd) white HHD and power LED's.
Still work in progress as seen on the white drive covers! :D Pics without RAM upgrade and DVD-ROM...
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6 Comments on zAAm's X

Looks wicked, can't wait to see it with black drive covers! Have you thought about ghosting the drives?
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Cool, I like the third pic. :D Nice rig.

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[quote=wtf8269]Looks wicked]Thought about it but the drives are attached with two screw-less nylon rails that push into the drive and then slide into the drive cage. So I can't adjust the amount of space in front of the drives... I'll probably just paint them the same colour after I sprayed them with some plastic primer. Will do so as soon as I have time! ;) I'm also thinking of spraying the inside of the case black too and maybe mounting a mirror in the bottom to reflect the cathode? Thanks for the comments btw!
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Take a pic or 2 in daylight so we can see what's in the box.
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Add some more uv active stuff get a mirror cut to fit the bottom of your case bling bling get the whole case powered coated blk in and out post the pics when your done otay I bet u a perfect ten
The toggle-switches on the front look like great fun to twiddle when your board!

That looks awsome! I love the way you've kept all the lighting to one base colour!

Great job! 6 from me
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