Project White

December 3rd 2011
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Incredible (8.8)
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Key Features:
High Rated Intel CPU AMD Graphics AMD CrossFire Custom Paint Job Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • Gigabyte P67 UD5
  • Intel I5 2500K
  • Kinston Hyper X 1600Mhz 2x4gb
  • Corsair HX850W
  • XFX HD 6970 in Xfire
  • OCZ Vertex 3 120GB
  • WD 300 GB VelociRaptor
  • WD 2Terra green power x2
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23 Comments on Project White

hOLLY MOLLY.. This is damn good job mate.. Congrats
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Hello..! :)

Mr.alain-s sann. :)
I saw special great worklog!
This is the ultimate awesome..!!!

I am surprised..and shocked..
by your very very! hard and beautiful works.
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.
I want to send special 10.. (^^) to you!
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Beyond words... incredible!
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Thank u ^^

For the one's that are interested here are some high res pictures.
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There say the mona lisa is a work of art and Priceless.

This rig is a work of art ;)
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WOW... it looks awesome... :D
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Sin Vandalize
I love This one.
Love so Much,.

oh Santa C, if u real,... Gv me one like this. X_X
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Perfect work! I related this already personally the DCMM.
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Wow!!!! I am very humbled 10/10 from me.... did you have the tubing done for you or did you bend it yourself? either way this machine speaks craftsmanship!
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Thanks :d

I did all the bending my self :p had a few tries before ofc . ^^
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TJ07 is an old case & still my all time favorite case to date & I'm still amazed to see fresh new mod ideals being done with it,, I,v been away from modding for a while but still plane on getting back to it in the near future. Awesome build & Thanks for shearing a 10 build
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Ive seen a lot of builds and built a lot of builds but that is a class act clean not over the top i know a lot of time went in that build keep it up looks fantastic 10 all the way, mine is black and blue page 5 i think.
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Thank u Kevindb1234

If u could give me a link of it i can check it out i have bin looking but i could not find a case under you're name.

for the people who love to vote on cases there is also a Rig of the year competition going on @ Guru3D Vote on you're favorite rig
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thank for the info on guru gonna check it out know thanks again.
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I think thats the first 10 ive given anyone in a long time, Bloody nice work! Should be on MDPC!
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Wow... just wow!!!

Your attention to detail and eye for perfection is epic! Love the parallel GFX cooling... so many people think they always have to be in series but it's just not true.
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