Purpura (Dell XPS 720 Mod)

June 1st 2015
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Incredible (8.6)
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Key Features:
High Rated Intel CPU NVIDIA SLI Custom Paint Job Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • Case Dell XPS 720
  • Motherboard Gigabyte Z77X-UP4TH
  • Processor Intel I5 3570K
  • RAM Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x8GB 1600Mhz
  • Graphics Card EVGA GTX 780OC (SLI)
  • Power Supply Cooler Master V850
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8 Comments on Purpura (Dell XPS 720 Mod)

great and super clean build.. nice work!:toast:
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10. Love the stencil work on this chassis and would like to see how it glows in a dark room. Huge fan of your cable management.
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10 points

fcking awesome build, first time I give for some build 10, I don't have any words..

just please tell us how long that takes for you ? :-)
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Thank guys :) the build lasted 18months but with a break of 8 months :)
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10/10. I'm at a loss for words as well... Absolutely incredible!
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I registered just to say how beautiful this case is, like holy crap. Been a noobie modder for over 15 years, seen thousands of cases and this is one of the few that really blew me away. Very, very well done!
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Same as the other guy, how do you do things like this? I want to do it to an old xps 630 case
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