The Predator

August 3rd 2006
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Key Features:
High Rated AMD CPU NVIDIA Graphics Scratch Build Custom Paint Job Water-cooled Exotic-cooled
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System Specs:
  • Parts
  • Kingwin 424 case
  • Asus A8n SLi Deluxe MB
  • AMD +3500
  • 1gig OCZ PR2
  • 74Gig WD Raptor HD
  • Audigy 2zs Sound
  • Ultra 550W UV Green PSU
  • Ultra SLi Connectr Cord
  • BFG 6800 GT OC
  • NEC DVD Burner
  • Primochill Water Pump
  • Danger Den 1/2" ID and OD tubing
  • Two Swiftech Radiators.
  • MCW-60
  • MCW-30
  • Apogee
  • One 120mm Thermaltake Green Thunderblade (19DB)
  • Three Sunbeam 80mm Green Fans (18DB)
  • UV Green 12" Sata Cable
  • Bulgin Vandal Switch Green
  • Bulgin Connectors
  • Green Toggle Switch
  • White Hyper Light
  • 4"UV Cathode
  • 12" Green Cathode
  • Overclocking
  • AMD +3500 2.2GhZ Stock @ 2.8GhZ Stable (36C idle/43-44C load)
  • OCZ 1gig PR2 running at 2-3-3-5 1T @ 400MhZ
  • BFG 6800GTOC running at 450MHZ/1050MhZ (37C idle/ 45C load)
Performed Mods:
Mods: -Front bezel: toggle switches added,carbon fiber,crystal display made to fit and covered with carbon fiber vinyl. Stealth drived the dvd burner, and created a stealth drive Ipod holder out of a gutted cd burner. Added a 5mm clear green HD LED. Front grills cut behind mesh to increase airflow. -Window panels: Custom water cut side panel with green uv acrylic and modders mesh held together by double sided adhesive tape. Integrated 3 red laser diodes to the panel that run off a single 9volt battery. The Predator text reads "Got Alien?". Other windows was laser etched and all screws painted black to match the paint. -Back Panel: Everything was painted to match the rest of the case, including power supply grill(s) and every screw on the back of it. I vouched for copper pop rivets because it gave it a nice clean look and matches the case feet. Back grill was cut off to increase air flow. -Top Panel: Custom painted by my friend Joey Montoya (call for contact information) aswell as the rest of the case, minus the cage and everything but panels. Custom 120mm blowhole was added along with gromets and u-window molding. -Inside Case: Custom cut to hide wires and send them through the motherbpard tray. Built in the waterpump mount with your everyday bolts and screws. Exsisting hard drive rack was removed to make room for tubing and hard drive moved up to 3 1/2" floppy drive. Crystal display was fit by drilling holes and mounting that thing was a pain. Cage painted metallic black and sound retention foam added to motherboard tray, and fit throughout the computer. Custom green acrylic Apogee waterblock shield. Drive fitted with carbon fiber vinyl. Excellent wire management for all that is being powered in this PC. -Water Cooling: Everything on this computer is Swiftech minus the PrimoChill waterpump. Swiftech, Apogee CPU block, MCW-60 VGA block, MCW-30 Chipset block, two Swiftech radiators 1 80mm, and 1 120mm. All pulled together with Danger Den 1/2 ID and OD tubing. You might ask how i got this to work with a PrimChill? It wasn't easy but i bought thr correct fitting for a 3/8"ID to 1/2"ID. So what you have is a small piece of 3/8" tubing running into the PrimoChills waterpump but exiting into 1/2"ID tubing. These are just a few of the mods that were done to this PC that i can remember as of now.
Took a Kingwin 424 and ran along way with The Predator theme. The Predator text reads "Got Alien?" on the side panel for those who might be wondering. Check it out if you have the time, and vote to let me know what you think. Also feel free to leave comments. You can reach my contact at
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22 Comments on The Predator

Best case ever posted on techpowerup. 10/10.
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Thanks a lot man! Glad you enjoy it.
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I think perhaps the smoke would look a lot better if it was only around the base of the case and not up in the air. Sweet theme though, green is my favorite color :D
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Azn Tr14dZ
Speechless...if I did say something about this case, it would last forever and it would all be positive comments. 10/10
Posted on Reply
yea the smoke is just dry ice. Its only there to highlight the lasers. I tryed it at the base but it was not that great. Could barely see it :/ Thanks for the compliments though everyone.
Posted on Reply
Azn Tr14dZ
I already posted but oh well.

I'm not a big fan of green, but by the way you made this comp, I love it!
Posted on Reply
Yea green came in because of the predators blood. Just at the time green was not too big. Go figure i when i post everyones mods are green now,haha. Its all good though because i dig checking out peoples creativity.
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There is also an iPod dock but argh i forgot to post that picture.
Posted on Reply
Paint ur ipod green to match. :D
Posted on Reply
I do not own that one :( I lost mine while snowboarding, i was upset to say the least haha.
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awesom case mod man, way cool, not sure what to rate it?? but the rating i give it is high up there
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Amazing case, awesome photoshoot as well.

edit sorry, forgot to vote, 5stars
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Hey thanks you guys. Yea i was going to have my Uncle take the photos but he insisted i did. He wanted me to gain the experience for myself. Thanks for the comments. Eh just rate it what you feel you should. :)
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*Drools* 10/10

I may have to steal it when your not looking.
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Wow, someome gave you a 4???? Whats an a@@, Great job. Im doing the same type of cut out and paint on the back of my system, but mine will be an Alien. Hey do you play Aliens Vs Predator 2 PC game online?????
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I just have to give credit to people who have the patience to put so much detail into their cases. 10/10
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Thank you all very much for the replies. Haha i have setup security cameras around my case, just in case. Not the first time i have been threatened lol. Anyways thank you for the kind words, and to those who rate me low thats fine aswell. They are rating it what they see fit. Thanks though everyone :)
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Wow, "smokin" hot haha. Dry ice you say? That's awesome. That window panel is sweet, too.
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Wow... just wow! Beautiful case.
11/10 A+++

If I were a robot I would make love to your case and make "The Predator Jr" babies.
Good shit... I like the iPod tray looks sick!

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Haha that Predator Juniors lol. Thanks you guys!
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It's very nice.

Shame that you didnt use higher resolution images.
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