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September 4th 2006
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Key Features:
AMD CPU AMD Graphics
System Specs:
  • MSI rs480, Amd 64 3500+ venice, ATI Radeon X800 XL,
  • 2x 512mb PC3200 RAM, 80gb Maxtor HD
Performed Mods:
Multiple casefans, Zalman 7700 Alcu, Arctic silencer 5, HD cooler.
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8 Comments on For now

i had the same pc specs at one time, except i had the ECS rs480 mobo, which i still have, but dont use anymore. I am guessing you dont have a desk to put your computer on, that would make it look alot better
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Eat, sleep, game!
Thats a nice, tidy system :)
Posted on Reply
I just moved in to my new home so the desk is comming soon.
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is that a mirror on the bottom of the case or is it just polished? i hate moving
Posted on Reply
Nice system :)
Posted on Reply
thx for the possitive reaction,and i think
yours is fine too....
Posted on Reply
Jul 5th, 2022 20:20 EDT change timezone

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