--- The Mech Core ---

July 20th 2014
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Key Features:
Intel CPU NVIDIA Graphics NVIDIA SLI Scratch Build Custom Paint Job Water-cooled
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System Specs:
  • Asus ROG Formula VI
  • I7 4770k
  • Corsair AX 860I PSU
  • G.SKILL Ripjaws 16 gb, 1600 mhz
  • Asus GTX 780 Direct CUII --- SLI
  • Ocz Agility 3 120 gb ssd
  • WD black 1 tb HD
  • 2 x Cooler Master Haf XB + heavy modding
  • EK - d5 vario pump
  • EK - Clean csq 140 reservoir ( d5 / res combo unit )
  • EK cleans csq plexi cpu Waterblock
  • EK Compression fittings
  • EK 90* fittings
  • 16/10 Master kleer hose
  • Alphacool Nexxos Monsta 360 mm with corsair sp120 in push/pull
  • Corsair AF120 x 6 fans
  • 2 x Noctua r8 80 mm fans
Performed Mods:
Two Coolermaster Haf XB*s stripped and mounted untop of eachother ... costum frontpanel built from scratch in metal .. sidepanels cut out but without windows mounted, for a different feel and look " painted metallic black and accents and highlights are done with red metalic foil
So this is my summer project ... --- The Mech Core --- built from two haf xb's i had laying around, this built is inspired by transformers and anime mechs ... the idea was to create a desktop computer who while retaining the aestethics and clean lines, still felt like something that could take a punch, and destroy anything it encounters ... there are smalll bumps and missing sidepanels which i purposesly left out because it gave a more rugged feel, and overall im very pleased with this build .. hope you enjoy and feel free to comment Michael " Balstyrisk" Jørgensen TMJ
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2 Comments on --- The Mech Core ---

wooow nice,
you use 2 haf-xb and create 1 case
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And voila! there is room for all the radiators, storage or whatever the heart desires ; - ) ... thats exactly why i build this ... allways loved the haf xb but found that it was a bit to cramped, if you were to throw a really high end system in there ... and now ! no limit ; - )

thx for the comment ! ...
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