pac man nightmare

February 17th 2019
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Key Features:
High Rated AMD CPU AMD Graphics Scratch Build Custom Paint Job Small Form Factor Water-cooled
System Specs:
  • cpu ryzen 1600,
  • gpu sapphire rx580 nitro+,
  • mb asrock fatality ab350 mini itx,
  • ram g.skill sniper 3200 16gb,
  • ssd samsumg 970 evo 512 gb,
  • case nzxt h200i,
  • led strip nzxt,
  • ps corsair rm750xv2,
  • fan corsair ml 120x4,
  • halo phanteksx3,
  • pump bykski dcc,
  • radiators bykski 120x1 240x1,
  • gpu block byksi,
  • cpu block barrow (,
Performed Mods:
cut bottoms case for air intake, drill top case for refill, cut case for ssd cooler, water cool, cut backplate gpu for fittings, water cooling, led strip, halo led, stainless steel case of thermometer display, pump support in stainless steel, TIG weldin, cut front cage, cut stainless steel grid, stick grid, paint grid, cut right side cover, paint grid, stick grid, draw, cut and paste pacman vinyl,
Special Tools Used:
  • drill
  • radial saw
Time Spent:
100 hours
  • My wife and me ;)
This is not a PC with great technical pretensions. It has a fairly normal and affordable hardware. It is very quiet compared to the original configuration. I thank tech power up for publishing a section like this that has served as inspiration and guide to carry out the modding.
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