Big Red One

July 3rd 2021
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System Specs:
  • i9-9900K, oc'd to 5.2Gz
  • Asus ROG Maximus Hero Wifi Z390 mobo
  • MSI Seahawk GTX 1070
  • 64GB Corsair Vengance RBG pro DDR4-3200 w/ XMP2
  • 2x WD Black SN750 1TB m.2
  • 4TB Crucial SSD + WD 12TB external HDD
  • Corsair H115i pro AIO 560mm push/pull
  • 11x Corsair 140mm AF Fans on sides, back, top, center
  • EVGA G2 SuperNova 850W Modular
Performed Mods:
I modded a stock TT900 Supertower to add a 2.5" hub containing 2x USB-C + 2x USB3 ports by dremeling out an opening in the metal ventilation panel on the left side. I also used one of the spare fan mounting cages from the vertical side panels to build a custom 420mm cooling rack, utilizing 3x Corsair AF 140mm fans and a Corsair H115i Pro AIO cooler. With so many fans (11), I opted to use a TT digital fan hub controller & several 3-to-1 adapter cables to connect them all. The paint job was done with Krylon Hi-temperature Automotive semi-gloss paint. Note that the top of the bolts that hold the glass panels in place are red while the sides remain the stock black color.
Special Tools Used:
  • Dremel
This has been my main PC for almost 2 years now, and has been rock solid with everything I throw at it, including CAD work, statistical databases, photo/video, spreadsheets. But NO, I don't do games... I use my computer for actual work stuff instead, where it can make me lots & lotsa M.O.O.L.A.H... :)
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