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Albatron Technology Releases OTM215L1 Touch Monitor, Passes WHQL Certification

Albatron Technology OTM215L1, the optical multi-touch monitor designed for home users, has passed WHQL test for Windows 7 in March 2010. To provide the best "touch" experience and ensure the best compatibility with "Windows Touch" structure, Albatron Technology spent lots of time in tuning the accuracy of multi-touch function in developing stage. With WHQL certification, user can enable multi-touch function under Windows 7 without install driver; furthermore, the "calibration-free" design brings plug-n-touch experience to all users, no need to calibrate by users.

When users have OTM215L1, they are free from installing mouse & keyboard. By multi-touch function & Windows 7 embedded "Virtual keyboard", users can do click or drag object on screen, and can even input text on screen via virtual keyboard. It does save more space for you.

Albatron Intros Low-Profile PCI-E x1 GeForce 210 Graphics Card

NVIDIA partner Albatron released a GeForce 210 based graphics card that uses the PCI-Express x1 interface. This low-profile card is passively cooled, and draws all its power from the slot. Its GeForce 210 (codenamed GT218) GPU is DirectX 10.1 compliant, has 16 unified shaders, and a 64-bit wide memory interface. It is built on the 40 nm process. The card has 512 MB of DDR2 memory. Its clock speeds are set at 589/1402/500 MHz (core/shader/memory). Connectivity includes one each of DVI-D, HDMI, and D-Sub. Albatron hasn't announced its price yet.

Albatron Announces 42-inch Optical Touch Monitor

Albatron Technology recently released 42-inch Albatron Optical Touch Monitor (OTM). Adopting optical touch technology that put a camera on the screen above left and right to detect the movement of fingers, Albatron OTM has no problem for the limit of touch panel size. Compared to the traditional resistive touch screen, Albatron OTM is more sensitive, accurate and durable and, of course, its price is very competitive. Furthermore, with advantages of Microsoft Windows 7 support, Albatron 42-inch optical touch monitor will bring consumers excellent multi-touch experience.

Albatron Unveils K3780E Integrated Platform Motherboard

Albatron Technology Co., LTD., a professional mainboard and graphics card manufacturer, involved in Industry Personal Computer (IPC) area these years. By virtue of sources and experience in the consumer PC market, Albatron developed different products for IPC clients. During Computex Taipei 2009, Albatron unveiled a new product, Albatron K3780E, which combined with System Board and I/O Board. According to customers' demands to adjust I/O interface, SI can apply Albatron K3780E easily on their system with more flexibilities. even praised Albatron K3780E: "Two level mobo wins best of show."

In the diverse IPC industry, Albatron thinks outside the box to provide our clients various options. Unveiled Albatron K3780E shows Albatron's multiple researches and design efforts. As we know customers have their own requests toward I/O interface. If we provide only one solution, it just meets some clients' needs. In addition, restricted by the original design, Albatron will be not able to offer our customers diverse and flexible products.

Albatron Starts Selling ATI Radeon Video Cards

Albatron, an official NVIDIA partner, has gently started producing cards from the red camp without making any announcements. So far Albatron was NVIDIA exclusive, but a few more cards in the portfolio, no matter NVIDIA or ATI, won't hurt much. The first ATI card from Albatron is a Radeon HD 4890 named Radeon HD 4890-1G. This model will be all-stock, clocked at 850 MHz for the GPU, with 256-bit memory interface and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 3900 MHz. The card should hit the market any time soon with a suggested retail price under $250. Later Albatron plans to release more products from the Radeon HD 4000 series.

Albatron Delivers Radeon HD 4890-1G

To bring consumers various choices, professional motherboard and graphics card manufactures, Albatron Technology Co., LTD. announces Albatron Radeon HD 4890-1G. Full line of ATI products will be available soon to the market.

Albatron Radeon HD 4890-1G is based on ATI Radeon HD 4890 GPU by advanced 55nm process, the fastest GDDR5 memory, and 800 stream processors. With massive graphic power, its data rate can speed up to 3.9Gbps. It can help increasing users' working efficiency and playing 3D game without lag. For professional users, they can set their own overclock mode; moreover, collocating ATI OverDrive utility and ATI CrossFire Technology, Albatron Radeon HD 4890-1G can blurt its power and performance up to next level.

Albatron Releases PCI-E x1-supportive 9500 GT Accelerator

Albatron today introduced a new graphics card touting compatibility with single-lane PCI-Express interface. The Albatron GeForce 9500GT PCI-E 1X, as the name suggests, is an entry-level graphics accelerator which is compliant with most of the current generation standards. It is based on the NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT, which gives it a fair chance to make it to HTPCs and multi-head display setups. Being based on PCI-E x1 bus, the card will fit into a PCI-Express slot of any length and generation.

The GeForce 9500 GT provides 32 stream processors, and is CUDA-supportive. The card packs 256 MB of DDR2 memory clocked at 1400 MHz. The core and shader domains are clocked at 550 MHz and 1375 MHz respectively. The card uses a half height PCB, and comes with a low-profile bracket. DVI and composite connectors are provided on the card, while a header extends out a D-Sub connector. HDMI is supported by means of a dongle. The card relays audio to the HDMI connector from an SPDIF source. Albatron will price this card well within the US $100 mark.

Albatron Ushers-Forth Optical Touch Monitor Technology

Albatron Technology has announced its new Optical Touch Monitor (OTM), on course with a new era of Multi Touch Panel monitors. At NVISION '08, multi-touch panels were lauded by Jen-Hsun Huang in his keynote speech as being one of the most exciting emerging technologies. Multi-Touch was demonstrated last year by Bill Gates using beta versions of Windows 7. And who could forget Tom Cruise dragging, wiping, and tapping away in Spielberg's Sci-Fi classic, Minority Report. Introduced as a development version at the most recent Computex, the Albatron OTM has since been fine-tuned with improved technology to bolster performance and prepare it for the consumer market.

Albatron Readying its AMD 780G Mini-ITX Motherboard

To combat Intel's Atom-embedded ITX motherboard linueup, and the platform itself, there has been an influx of mini-ITX motherboards based on the AMD 780G chipset lately. Perhaps the thermal design of the 780G allows implementation in form-factors this small. To combat the dual-core Atom, AMD had built up plans to release low-power processors based on the AM2 socket. Notably, the Athlon X2 22W and Athlon single core 15W chips. Perhaps it is these processors that are inviting companies to plan Mini-ITX motherboards based on the AM2+ socket with the 780G chipset.

Albatron is about to release the KI780G motherboard, and they seem to have packed quite a lot to it. To begin with, the board features an AM2+ socket (that supports processors only upto 65W TDP), two DDR2 SO-DIMM slots for using the more compact memory sticks notebooks use, four SATA II ports, an IDE connector, Gigabit LAN, 7.1 channel audio with SPDIF optical and co-axial pass, display connectors that include D-Sub, DVI and HDMI (HDCP capable), and finally a PCI-Express 2.0 x16 slot. The motherboard goes head-on against the feature-set that the MINIX comes with. This is meant to be a full-featured HTPC board. Its pricing is not known at the moment.

Albatron Launches Three PCI Low-Profile GeForce 8 Video Cards

If you're on the market, looking for a card that will work on most of today's PCs, you'd be surprised to know that Albatron is launching a trio of new PCI low-profile graphics cards. Yes they are PCI, not PCI-Express compatible and they are part of the GeForce 8 generation. The cards are dubbed PCI8600GT-256X, PCI8500GT-256X, PCI8400GS-256, and represent GeForce 8600 GT, 8500 GT and 8400 GS respectively. The first two cards come equipped with GDDR3 memory, 128-bit interface and HDMI connectivity while the PCI8400GS-256 makes use of GDDR2 chips, a 64-bit interface and has no HDMI. All three cards come with 256MB memory, DVI and TV-Out connectors.

Ferocious Albatron 9800GTX-512X VGA Released

Albatron Technology has just announced its new enthusiast VGA, the 9800GTX-512X. This card is being released on the heels of its sibling dual-GPU 9800GX2 with all of the same high-performance NVIDIA features plus 3-way SLI capabilities. The 9800GTX-512X has one less GPU than its big brother (9800GX2) but it makes up for it with higher clock speeds and a trimmed down price.

Albatron 9800 GX2 Pictures

Graphics card manufacturer Albatron sent us some pictures of its upcoming GeForce 9800 GX2 today, which are shown below. The company commented that NVIDIA is allowing it to display the cards at CeBIT 2008, but as the launch date is not officially until later this month it was not able to provide any specifications.

Albatron Intros the 88GTS-512X Video Card

Albatron Intros the 8800GTS-512X Video Card

Albatron has announced the 8800GTS-512X, a new enthusiast GeForce 8 Series VGA card. Using the referent 10-layer GeForce 8800GTS G92 PCB design, the 8800GTS-512X GPU is endowed with a 650MHz core clock, PCI-e 2.0 support, and 512MB of GDDR3 memory with a 256-bit bus and 1940MHz clock speed.
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