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Coolink Announces Corator DS Compatible with Socket LGA2011

Coolink today presented its first CPU cooler to support the upcoming Intel LGA2011 platform for Core i7-3000 series Sandy Bridge-E processors. Based on the award winning Corator DS, the new Corator DS – LGA2011 is equipped with the proven SWiF2 - 120P PWM high-performance fan as well as the latest edition of the SecuFirm 2 mounting system for LGA2011, featuring optimized mounting pressure for excellent cooling performance.

“The upcoming release of Intel's Core i7-3000 series Sandy Bridge-E processors will raise the computing performance for enthusiast and professional users alike, so they can look forward to an interesting platform. However, these high performance processors need an adequate cooling solution to unleash their full potential and the Corator DS is predestined for this task”, explains Timothy Chu, Coolink CEO. “With the Corator DS – LGA2011, which is based on the successful and award-winning Corator DS, we are proud to offer an attractive Core i7-3000 cooling solution for customers who are looking for great performance at reasonable costs.”

Coolink Readies Corator DS Plus CPU Cooler

Coolink gave a small design update to the Corator DS CPU cooler it introduced in January. Spotted at Computex, the new variant, called Corator DS Plus, features design changes including denser aluminum fin blocks, fins that are jagged on two sides to increase air-turbulence, and importantly, two fans instead of one. One of the fans pushes air in from the outer-side, while a fan nested in the middle of the two aluminum fin blocks conveys it onto the next block. It uses a copper CPU base, and 8 mm thick copper heat pipes. Coolink may release the Corator DS Plus soon.

Coolink Introduces Corator DS CPU Cooler

Coolink today introduced its new Corator DS CPU-Cooler. Featuring Coolink's exclusive Gapless Direct Touch (GDT) technology that allows for an all copper contact area, the Corator DS brings the concept of direct contact cooling to the next level by further improving heat transfer. Four large 8mm heatpipes, a dual fin stack design and a PWM controlled SWiF2 120mm fan are among the features that enable the Corator DS to achieve an optimal balance between outstanding cooling performance and quiet operation.

"True to our vision of innovating instead of following, we worked hard to strengthen the advantages of direct contact cooling and to eliminate its drawbacks", explains Timothy Chu, Coolink CEO. "Thus we're proud to introduce the Corator DS today, which is our first product based on Coolink's exclusive GDT-technology. Its innovative contact surface in combination with the other features allows us to offer a complete high-performance cooling solution at an attractive price point".

Core i5 650 ''Clarkdale'' Reaches 4.70 GHz on Air-Cooling

Intel's socket LGA-1156 quad-core processors are closely trailed by the company's first processors based on the 32 nm manufacturing process: Core i5 and Core i3 "Clarkdale" dual-core processors. Engineering samples of these processors were evaluated as early as Q2 2009, but one of the first attempts to show the processors' overclocking potential using air-cooling was made very recently. Even prior to that, a low-voltage overclocking feat by Coolaler showed how engineering samples didn't particularly struggle reaching clock speeds close to 4.00 GHz with vCore as low as 0.832V. Romanian tech community Lab501. Lab501 community leader "Monstru" tested the overclocking headroom of a Core i5 650 LGA-1156 dual-core processor (engineering sample) with air-cooling.

The test-bed included a Gigabyte P55 motherboard, the Core i5 650 processor was cooled by a Noctua NH-U12P, onto which a Coolink SWIF 2 120P fan was strapped. A clock speed of 4.70 GHz (25 x 188 MHz) was achieved (nearly 50% over the stock clock speed of 3.20 GHz). A core voltage of 1.424V was used. A point here to note however, is that the retail Core i5 650 will come with an upwards-locked bus frequency multiplier of 24 (24 x 133 MHz = 3.20 GHz). The processor at 4.70 GHz, was Prime95-stable for over 30 minutes. With an ambient temperature of 24 °C, the two cores heated up to 77 and 68 °C, not to forget that the processor was being air-cooled. Although with the use of an engineering sample (since the retail launch of this processor is tentatively three months away), the scope for inference of this feat is limited, it gives you a coarse indication that Intel is keeping the trend of ferociously fast dual-core processors alive. High(er) overclocking headroom on air-cooling is the fruition of the 32 nm process. Slated for Q1 2010, the siblings (and cousins) of the Core i5 650 include Core i5 660/661 (3.33 GHz, HTT), Core i5 670 (3.46 GHz, HTT), Core i3 540 (3.06 GHz, no HTT), Core i3 530 (2.93 GHz, no HTT), and Pentium G6950 (2.80 GHz, no HTT). Details of the series can be found here.

Source: Lab501 Forums

Coolink Introduces SWiF2 Fan Series

Coolink today introduced its new SWiF2 fan series. Successor to the popular SWiF series, the new SWiF2 family takes its successful predecessor's proven qualities one step further. Refined blade designs, high-performance hydro-dynamic bearing and support for PWM fan speed control, combined with an exciting new colour scheme, are the cornerstones of the new series.

"With more than a hundred thousand satisfied users, our Silent Whisper Fans have created a huge following among those looking for true high-end fans at a reasonable price.", says Timothy Chu, Coolink CEO. "Today, we're thrilled to revive the series with new, further improved models as well as an exciting new colour scheme. Of course, the new SWiF2 family remains true to our vision of linking excellent quality with attractive pricing."

Noctua Intros 14 cm Fan & Massive New Coolers, Coolink Joins the Party With New Look

We stopped by the Noctua and Coolink booth as well and they had a few little surprises in store for us. The austrian firm is showing off their 140 and 120 mm PWM fans for the first time. They mentioned quite some time ago, that such a unit is in planning and behold the sight of the new unit. It comes with the same mounting holes as a 120 mm unit, due to the round frame. The cooler is optimized for air pressure and the use for CPU coolers. Using this unit, Noctua will be offering the C12P as well as their newest addition - the NH-D14 with the 140 mm fan. Noctua will also be offering an upgrade kit for those who wish to replace their current 120 mm fans with the newest unit.

Coolink Introduces LapChilla Notebook Cooler

Coolink today introduced the new LapChilla notebook cooler. Designed to combine quiet cooling with maximum flexibility, excellent ergonomics and high portability, the Lapchilla comes in handy regardless of whether you’re working at your desk, on campus or in the metro – ideal for students, freelancers and everybody who doesn’t want to do without proper notebook-cooling both in the office and on the road.

“Our new LapChilla doesn’t only help to reduce your notebook’s noise emission and the risk of heat-related failures, it also keeps your legs cool when using it on your lap”, explains Timothy Chu, Coolink CEO. “Thanks to its big base area as well as the adjustable tilt angle that ensures optimal ergonomics in all working environments, the LapChilla doesn’t only do great on your desk but on your lap as well.”

Coolink Releases Chillaramic Silver Thermal Compound

Coolink today released its new Chillaramic thermal compound. Thanks to ceramic nano particles, Chillaramic achieves outstanding thermal transfer while not being electrically conductive. Chillaramic is easy to apply, easy to clean off and comes in big 10g tubes that will last you through more than 30 applications without breaking your wallet.

Coolink Presents GFXChilla VGA Cooler

Coolink today presented its new GFXChilla VGA cooler. Employing 4 high-performance heatpipes and two large 80mm fans, the GFXChilla provides superior cooling performance at minimum noise levels. The GFXChilla is widely compatible, simple to install and can easily be upgraded. "Many users are annoyed with their noisy VGA cards and hence look for a high-quality silent solution that is easy to install and comes at a fair price", explains Timothy Chu, Coolink CEO. "Our new GFXChilla is perfectly suited for quietly cooling popular VGA cards like Nvidia GeForce 8800GT or ATI Radeon 3870 as well as older series."

Coolink Introduces ChipChilla Chipset Cooler

Coolink today introduced its new ChipChilla chipset cooler. The ChipChilla employs a thick 6mm dual-heatpipe as well as a quiet (19dB) 60mm fan. Thanks to its asymmetrical design ChipChilla allows for the fan to be mounted on either side in order to evade compatibility issues with CPU coolers and graphic cards. Also, the flexible mounting system for push-pins and mounting-hooks makes the ChipChilla compatible with virtually any current Intel or AMD mainboard. ChipChilla is available now at a suggested retail price of EUR 16,90 / USD 16,90.

Source: Coolink

Coolink Presents "Silentator" High-Performance Cooler

Coolink today presented a new high-performance cooler for Intel and AMD processors called "Silentator". The Silentator employs 3 high-performance heat-pipes, 37 aluminium cooling fins with a surface area of more than 3500cm² as well as a SWiF-1202 quality fan, providing top-class cooling performance at a minimum noise emission of only 14dB(A). The Silentator is equipped with the professional SecuFirm mounting system that guarantees optimal contact pressure and maximum security thanks to the use of a backplate and spring-loaded screws. As a result, the SecuFirm mounting system makes it possible to safely transport the assembled system without any risk even though the cooler exceeds the 450g weight specification established by Intel and AMD. The Silentator is available with immediate effect in versions for Intel LGA 775, for AMD AM2 and for AMD K8 (754, 939, 940). The suggested retail price is EUR 39,90 / USD 49,90.

Source: Coolink
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