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Zotac Designs GeForce GTX 460 X2 Graphics Card

Zotac is another NVIDIA partner who isn't pleased that the GeForce GTX 480 isn't holding performance leadership, but has the engineering potential to outdo it. Earlier in June, Galaxy showed off a dual Fermi graphics card that makes use of two GF100 graphics processors in the GeForce GTX 465 configuration. Zotac waited for a more mature implementation of the Fermi architecture, found out that the GF104-based GeForce GTX 460 isn't lacking much in performance compared to the GTX 465, with vastly better thermal specifications, and went on to design its latest high-end card, which it now refers to as the Zotac GeForce GTX 460 X2. The card makes use of two GeForce GTX 460 1 GB GPUs in an internal SLI, much like every other dual-GPU NVIDIA card.

The card uses an NVIDIA nForce 200 bridge chip to semaphore and broadcast data between the two GPUs, a dual 3+1+1 phase VRM that draws power from two 8-pin PCI-E power connectors, and display connectivity is relayed to the rear-panel from both the GPUs, that's four dual-link DVI, and one mini-HDMI. What this also means is that with just this one card, you can use the 3D Vision Surround feature, while retaining SLI multi-GPU scaling. If that's not all, there's a SLI connector, which lets you pair this with another card of its kind, for GTX 460 Quad-SLI. Zotac is yet to finalize a cooling solution to suit it best. GF104 could be NVIDIA's easiest route to a dual-GPU graphics card that establishes performance leadership. The GF104 physically has 384 CUDA cores (336 on Zotac's card, since it's in the GTX 460 configuration), and has shown to be capable of high GPU/Shader clock speeds. More details about Zotac's card are awaited.

Inno3D Intros GeForce GTX 465 Vapor Freeze OC Graphics Card

Inno3D released its non-reference design GeForce GTX 465 OC Vapor-Freeze graphics card. This factory-overclocked card uses NVIDIA reference PCB (albeit in green), with its own-design cooling assembly. The cooler makes use of a GPU direct-contact base, from which five heat-pipes convey heat directly from the GPU to aluminum fin blocks on either sides of a 92 mm PWM-controlled fan that spins at speeds of 1000~4200 rpm, with a rated noise output of 18 dBA. Inno3D claims the cooling solution to up cooling efficiency by 15% over reference NVIDIA cooler.

As far as clock speeds go, the GPU is clocked at 750 MHz, 1350 MHz CUDA cores, and 850 MHz (3400 MHz effective) memory, against reference speeds of 607/1215/3206 MHz. The card has 1 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 256-bit wide interface. As with every other GTX 465, the card is based on the 40 nm GF100 GPU, it has 352 CUDA cores, and supports the latest PC graphics technologies including DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4. The higher clock speeds, Inno3D claims, up the card's performance by 10%. Display connectivity includes two DVI and a mini-HDMI. The card is 4-way SLI capable, it takes power from two 6-pin PCI-E power inputs. Inno3D did not give out and details about the card's pricing. A cheaper variant that sticks to NVIDIA reference clock speeds is also available, it lacks the "OC" marker on the box.

Swiftech Intros Hybrid Water Cooling Solutions for NVIDIA GF100-based Graphics Cards

Swiftech released a pair of hybrid cooling solutions for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480, GTX 470 and GTX 465 graphics cards, that are aimed to provide better cooling compared to full-coverage water blocks. The principle revolves around treating the GPU as a separate thermal zone from the rest of the card, so that water-cooling can focus on cooling the GPU, while heat from the GPU isn't transferred to the rest of the relatively cooler heat producing parts (such as memory chips, VRM FETs, etc.). Swiftech's offer includes MCW-GTX480 and MCW-GTX470 (which should be compatible with GTX 465 reference design, too). These consist of the MCW80 GPU water block that's designed to handle the thermal loads of GF100, and a full-coverage aluminum heatsink that covers all critical heat-producing areas on the PCB, including the memory chips and the VRM. The heatsink is further designed such that the user can mount an 80 mm fan onto it, for even higher cooling performance. The sets are priced lower than most full-coverage water-blocks, the MCW80-GTX480 is priced at $99.95, while the MCW80-GTX470 goes for $98.95.

NVIDIA BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) Version 5.7 Released

NVIDIA BIOS Editor (also known as NiBiTor) got a scheduled update this month. The popular GeForce BIOS manipulation utility has been updated to version 5.7. As with every new release, version 5.7 brings adds support for new GeForce graphics processors, a number of critical and trivial bug fixes, and an improved ability to work with unsupported hardware in a limited way. Newly supported products include:
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 130M
  • NVIDIA GeForce 9650M
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX1700
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX380
"NiBiTor is the original and definitive BIOS tweaker that supports the latest NVIDIA graphics cards, and which is updated on a regular basis. NiBiTor allows graphics card enthusiasts, or the hardcore overclockers to have full control over some advanced features and functionality found on firmware of supporting cards. And doing so users gain some extra performance, enable certain hidden features, tweaking memory latencies, provide extensive information, adapt bootup settings, changing fan speed options and/or get extra stability on their NVIDIA based graphics accelerators which will just give them that little extra value," notes the developer.


Sparkle Announces GeForce GTX 470, GTX 465 Graphics Cards with Own Design Cooler

Sparkle Computer announced a pair of new graphics cards based on the GeForce GTX 470 and GeForce GTX 465 graphics processors, and sporting Sparkle's own design as far as the cooler goes. The SXX4701280D5-NM (GTX 470) and SXX4651024D5-NM (GTX 465) feature a GPU cooler that makes use of a dense aluminum fin array to which heat is conveyed by five copper heat pipes, and cooled by an 80 mm fan. With this cooler, Sparkle claims to have brought down temperatures by 4 °C on the GTX 470, and 5 °C on the GTX 465. Both cards retain NVIDIA's reference design PCB, except for that it is blue in color. Both models stick to reference NVIDIA clock speeds and other specifications. Sparkle did not give out a price, though one can expect these to be priced just a little over the reference design cards.

Club3D Intros GeForce GTX 465 Graphics Card

Club3D finally added to the shelves its own GeForce GTX 465 graphics card. The company's design sticks to the NVIDIA reference design, except for a green colored PCB and fancier gold-colored DVI connectors. It also sticks to the reference clock speeds of 607/1215/801(3206) MHz (core/shader/memory(effective)). Like every other GTX 465, it is DirectX 11 compliant, and is powered by 352 CUDA cores, and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 256-bit wide memory interface. It draws power from two 6-pin power connectors. Pricing is also more or less on par with most reference-design GTX 465 graphics cards in the market.

MSI Announces Twin Frozr II Equipped N465GTX and N470GTX Graphics Cards

MSI, the world's leading graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, today launches two of its latest graphics cards, N470GTX and N465GTX Twin Frozr II which are based on MSI's unique Twin Frozr II thermal design. MSI also revealed its limited N465GTX Twin Frozr II golden edition graphics card which adopts the full copper design. The cards are powered by NVIDIA's advanced GeForce GTX 400 GPU and support NVIDIA technologies such as 3D Vision Surround, PhysX and CUDA etc and boast MSI's Twin Frozr II thermal design. As compared to the reference graphics cards, MSI's latest offerings show a reduction in noise by 21.5dB and heat by 16℃ in full load, making them the industry's most outstanding graphics cards with the best heat dissipation and noise reduction features.

Palit Intros GeForce GTX 465 with Elaborate Cooling and Connectivity

Palit's latest offering is a GeForce GTX 465 graphics card that reuses the dual-fan design used on the GeForce GTX 470 the company recently released. Apart from a cost-effective PCB and overclocker-friendly cooler than uses a dense aluminum fin array cooled by two 90 mm fans, the card has four display connectors, including two DVI-D, and one each of HDMI and DisplayPort. With design constraints, however, only two of the four connectors can be used at a time. Palit's GTX 465 will be available at a fairly standard price of around US $ 280.

MSI N465 GTX Golden Edition Adds Bling to Gaming Rigs

MSI showed off a limited edition GeForce GTX 465 graphics card for those looking for some bling and exclusivity in their rigs, the MSI N465GTX Twin Frozr Golden Edition. This card uses an all-copper GPU heatsink, complete with copper fins, base, and heat pipes, and a copper-colored cooler shroud. Expect this card to cost a premium.

Image Courtesy: Futurelooks

Gigabyte Rolls Out Twin-Fan GeForce GTX 465

Gigabyte rolled out its first graphics card based on NVIDIA's newest GPU, the GeForce GTX 465. The card features Gigabyte's own design, which makes use of the Ultra Durable VGA construction, a combination of PCB with 2 oz thick copper layers, Japanese solid-state capacitors, grade 1 memory chips, ferrite-core chokes and low RDS on MOSFETs. The cooler uses a large aluminum fin block which is cooled by two 80 mm fans. Though geared for overclocking, the card comes with NVIDIA reference clock speeds of 607/1215/3206 MHz (core/shader/memory). The GTX 465 SKU is derived from the GF100 die, it features 352 CUDA cores, and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 256-bit wide interface. It is priced at a standard $279.

EVGA Announces GeForce GTX 465 Series Graphics Cards

EVGA kicked off its GeForce GTX 465 series with two new models, including one of the first factory-overclocked ones, the SuperClocked (SC). Based on the NVIDIA reference design, which resembles that of the GeForce GTX 470, the EVGA base model (01G-P3-1465-AR) uses reference clock speeds of 607/3206 MHz (core/memory), while the SuperClocked model (01G-P3-1467-AR) bumps that up to 625/3240 MHz.

The GTX 465 features 352 CUDA cores, 1 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 256-bit wide memory interface, and DirectX 11 support. The base model is priced in accordance to NVIDIA's reference base price of US $279, while the SuperClocked model goes for $299.

MSI Announces N465GTX Graphics Card

Capturing everyone's attention, the long-anticipated release of the world's fastest single core GTX 400 Series graphics card was roundly praised by media and customers for its powerful performance. Today, world-renowned mainboard and graphics card brand-manufacturer MSI officially released the third graphics card featuring the GTX 400 GPU, the N465GTX-M2D1G. MSI N465GTX-M2D1G features the latest graphics processor, code-named Fermi by NVIDIA, with 40nm process, 352 CUDA cores and DirectX 11 support. And with 1GB of high speed GDDR5 graphics memory, military class components, and the exclusive voltage adjustment by MSI Afterburner overclocking utility, an extra up to 15% performance can be achieved, offering gamers a smoother and more exquisite visual experience.

ZOTAC Expands GeForce 400 Series with GTX 465 1 GB Graphics Card

ZOTAC International, a leading innovator and the world's largest channel manufacturer of graphics cards, mini-PCs and small form factor platforms, today introduces the world's first performance-class graphics card based on the latest Fermi architecture - the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 465 graphics card. The ZOTAC GeForce GTX 465 graphics card delivers best-in-class performance and features to value-conscious gamers for an unmatched gaming experience with DirectX 11 compatibility, enhanced anti-aliasing and NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround readiness.

Best-in-class performance comes from a new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465 graphics processor packing 352 unified shaders ready to take on the latest 3D games, NVIDIA CUDA and OpenCL compatible applications. An ultra-wide 256-bit memory interface joins the GeForce GTX 465 graphics processor with 1GB of high-speed GDDR5 memory for a screaming-fast performance combination that delivers an adrenalin packed gaming experience.

NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX 465 Graphics Card

NVIDIA today announced its latest performance-segment addition to the DirectX 11 compliant GeForce 400 series, the GeForce GTX 465. Based on the 40 nm GF100 GPU, the GTX 465 cuts some components to position the new SKU below the GTX 470. It has five streaming multiprocessors (SMs) disabled, leaving a CUDA core count of 352, and a memory bus width of 256-bit. The reference design card has 1 GB of GDDR5 memory.

The reference design board is largely based on the GeForce GTX 470, with two memory chip pads unused. The card can pair with three more of its kind for 4-way SLI. Apart from DirectX 11 compliance it features support for NVIDIA exclusive technologies like CUDA, PhysX, and 3D Vision Surround. The GeForce GTX 465 starts at US $279.

Newegg Jumps the Gun with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465

While NVIDIA's official GTX 465 launch won't be until Monday 31st 3 AM EST, large online retailer Newegg already started listing the cards. In total seven cards from NVIDIA's largest board partners are listed. They're all priced at $279 and available immediately. This is good news because it confirms that we will see a hard launch on Monday, without inflated prices. In terms of cooling everybody will stick to the GTX 470's thermal solution with the exception being Gigabyte and Palit (we reviewed the GTX 470 with the dual fan cooler here).

The listings also confirm the rumored specifications of 352 shaders cores, 1 GB memory, 256-bit memory interface and clock speeds of 607 MHz core / 1215 MHz shader.

Our review will be ready on time and posted when the NDA is expired.

MSI Readies Twin Frozr II Based GeForce GTX 400 Series Graphics Cards

MSI is readying three new non-reference design graphics cards based on the entire series of GeForce GTX 400 series GPUs, including the upcoming GeForce GTX 465. The new cards will make use of the company's tried and tested Twin-Frozr II GPU cooler to keep the scorching GF100 GPU running. Unlike Twin Frozr II coolers used on ATI Radeon HD 5800 series GPUs, which have bases with heat pipes making direct contact with the GPU, in its GF100 implementation, the cooler will have large copper bases to quickly transfer heat from the GPU to the cooler. Perhaps MSI's mention of "high density" could also indicate that it would have more aluminum fins. The 8 mm thick heat pipes, which MSI refers to as SuperPipes, stay on. The SKUs will likely be called the MSI N480/N470/N465 Twin Frozr II, for models with the GeForce GTX 480, GTX 470, and GTX 465, respectively.

TechPowerUp GPU-Z 0.4.3 Released

TechPowerUp rolled out a new version of GPU-Z, the popular graphics sub-system diagnostic utility. Version 0.4.3 comes with a load of new features and stability updates. Highlights include full capability to monitor voltages on the GeForce GTX 480, a new method of voltage monitoring which extends support for many ATI and NVIDIA graphics cards, support for the upcoming GeForce GTX 465, GT 320M GT 335M, ION variant, GT 340, Tesla C2050, Tesla M2050, and other Quadro series GPUs, new display languages including Spanish and Hungarian, among other stability updates.


Change log follows.

More GeForce GTX 465 Details Surface

More details have surfaced about NVIDIA's upcoming GPU which is on the low-end of the GeForce GTX 400 series, the GTX 465. Chinese website published some lesser known specifications about the GPUs, which pieced together with known details more or less completes the picture. The GTX 465 has not four, but five streaming multiprocessors (SMs) disabled from the GF100 core, yielding 352 CUDA cores (against the earlier known number of 384). With a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, the GPU has 32 out of 48 ROPs enabled, and makes use of 1 GB of memory.

Out of the few benchmarks the GTX 465 was put through, it scored 5488 points in the eXtreme preset of 3DMark Vantage, which is roughly 20% less than what a GTX 470 would manage. It is said to have outperformed the ATI Radeon HD 5870 in Far Cry 2, while was slower than Radeon HD 5830 in Crysis Warhead. The GeForce GTX 465 will be launched on the 3rd of June, at the Computex 2010 event.

New GeForce 400 Series Member Named GeForce GTX 465, Clock Speeds Surface

Up until now, the third DirectX 11 compliant graphics SKU by NVIDIA, which was referred to as "GeForce GTX 460" has some confirmation in its naming, NVIDIA refers to it as "GeForce GTX 465". Some of its lesser known specifications that have come to light are: Clock speeds of 607 MHz (core), 1215 MHz (shader), and 801 MHz or 3206 MHz effective (memory). With a 256-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, the card will feature 1 GB of memory. NVIDIA is said to have managed a TDP of 215W. The price-range targeted by this SKU is US $259 to $299. If market positioning of this SKU is anything to go by, the GTX 465 should be competitive with ATI Radeon HD 5850 and HD 5830.
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