Tuesday, June 1st 2010

MSI N465 GTX Golden Edition Adds Bling to Gaming Rigs

MSI showed off a limited edition GeForce GTX 465 graphics card for those looking for some bling and exclusivity in their rigs, the MSI N465GTX Twin Frozr Golden Edition. This card uses an all-copper GPU heatsink, complete with copper fins, base, and heat pipes, and a copper-colored cooler shroud. Expect this card to cost a premium.

Image Courtesy: Futurelooks
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In Orbe Terrum Non Visi
That thing looks like it can rival my paintball gun:eek:
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Can you pawn this to the pawnshop? :laugh:
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wew, i expect no less than gold plating in da graphic card, yo:shadedshu
MadMan007Lipstick on a pig.
indeed, they should at least put it on a 5850 or something higher
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"Expect this card to cost a premium."

Yes, because when I think premium, I think GTX 465 :rolleyes: .
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Not a Potato
Frozr = MSI's twin-PWM-fan design for high-end cards. Guaranteed to have software voltage control.
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BTW, they forgot to "copper" the fans as well...and the backplate...

But I'll let picard speak for me on this...


I mean, seriously, what is the purpose of this?
It's just plain useless!
Good Lord! Has it come to this? Add bling to the hardware to sell nVidias?

How low are they gonna go? (Damn it, it rhymed.)
Tell Mourinho to sign a Special edition and say slogans like, "I'm the special one and I use a MSI nVidia (...) to plan football strategies every day." or "You too can be the Special One with the MSI nVidia (...).".

P.S.: It should have been a Water cooling kit...all copper etc...but water cooling...the Frozr is good as it is already...it isn't copper all over that that's making it more efficient...

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Looks good, even if it would make price/performance bad to worse :)
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