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MSI Announces the GTX 780Ti GAMING 3G Graphics Card

Leading international motherboard and graphics card maker MSI is pleased to announce the availability of the GTX 780Ti GAMING 3G graphics card. Featuring the powerful new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780Ti GPU with 3 GB of Blazing fast GDDR5. The MSI GTX 780Ti GAMING 3G is equipped with the award winning Twin Frozr IV Advanced Thermal Design on top of a customized PCB that promises to maximize performance and efficiency for the highest FPS at the lowest temperatures and least noise.

Equipped with MSI's proprietary Airflow Control Technology, a two 10cm fan setup with patented Propeller Blade Technology, the GTX 780Ti GAMING 3G is sure to impress with its thermal performance. MSI's Gaming App is an easy utility to quickly switch between different settings. The OC mode offers the best performance, Silent mode reduces the fan noise and Gaming mode with offers an optimal balance between the two. Additionally, MSI's Military Class 4 components deliver higher stability at a longer life time while the efficiency is increased. The GTX 780Ti GAMING 3G features hardware and software designed for real gamers, making it the best choice to dominate your game.

ORIGIN PC Launches The World's Best Gaming GPU

ORIGIN PC is excited to announce the launch of the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti graphics card to their line of award-winning desktops for gamers, artists, professionals and enthusiasts. Featuring 25% more cores than the GTX 780, 3GB of GDDR5 Video Memory, professional ORIGIN PC GPU overclocking, NVIDIA SHIELD pc streaming support and ShadowPlay via NVIDIA's GeForce Experience software, the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti offers the most extreme gaming performance while running quiet and cool inside your next ORIGIN PC desktop.

The GeForce GTX 780 Ti is also the perfect graphics card for powering any next-generation display. From stunning 4k resolution Displays or multiple monitor surround, to the latest ultra-smooth and tear-free NVIDIA G-SYNC monitors, you'll get the most extreme visual gaming experience possible. Now for a limited time only, purchase any ORIGIN PC gaming desktop with a GeForce GTX 780 Ti and receive three of the hottest Holiday games, Batman Origins, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Splinter Cell: Blacklist for FREE and up to $100 off the NVIDIA SHIELD. Gear up today with the new GeForce GTX 780Ti inside your next ORIGIN GENESIS, MILLENNIUM or CHRONOS gaming desktop to get the best gaming experience possible this holiday season!

MSI Launches GTX 780Ti Graphics Card

The new MSI GTX 780Ti ties incredible performance and power efficiency into one great product. Boost your gaming experience with a stunningly beautiful, quiet design. With NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 you get maximum clock speeds while PhsyX and TXAA technologies give smooth, sharp graphics. Whether you're playing on stunning 4K monitors at extreme settings or multiple monitors at 2560x1600/2560x2440, the GTX 780 Ti provides horsepower to drive all of today's most demanding games. The GTX 780Ti also is ready for 3D displays and is supported by GeForce Experience which automatically optimizes your games for optimum performance.

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