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New in Product Range - The HEATKILLER V Water Cooler for AMD's High-End Big-Navi Graphics Cards Generation

"The focus of our development has always been to improve the deliverable performance." (Rico Weber, WATERCOOL CEO, Sep.2020). This quote marked the beginning of the development of the new HEATKILLER V VGA cooler. In addition to an increase of performance, the focus also lay on improvements in handling and durability. The HEATKILLER VGA coolers, known for their outstanding workmanship, have also been visually enhanced. In the latest revision for AMD graphics cards of the RX 6800/6900XT series, the HEATKILLER V has been further optimized.

The inflow to the cooling structure has been completely reworked. It now is placed with a vertical offset above a second level. The inlet and outlet channels cross each other, but are spatially separated from each other. The new design allows a symmetrical arrangement of the cooling channels. The advantage of the symmetrical design is a steady flow through the heat sink. Dead zones and hotspots are thus effectively avoided. At the same time the windage is reduced. The HEATKILLER V for RX 6800/6900XT features a vertical cooling structure, which significantly improves the cooling performance even more. The enlarged cooling surface ensures exceptionally low GPU temperatures. To reduce turbulences, all cooling channels were manufactured in a rounded design.

Watercool Presents its New HEATKILLER RAD Series Radiators

With the new HEATKILLER RAD series, the German manufacturer Watercool is expanding its product range with high-quality mesh radiators. The new radiators are available in two different strengths, with the Small (S) RADs at a thickness of 30 mm and the Large (L) RADs at a thickness of 48 mm. In cooperation with a well-known manufacturer from Asia, the watercooling experts have succeeded in creating a high-performance mesh radiator with a unique look. Thereby, the cooling cores are manufactured strictly according to Watercool's specifications, while the radiator housing is produced locally in Waren. This means that the finishing and quality control are performed in Germany directly by the manufacturer.

The goal of the development was to produce competitive radiators with a wide performance range. Accordingly, the HEATKILLER RAD performs very well even with slowly rotating fans, and scales very well with increasing speed. Only high quality raw materials are used as basis for the HEATKILLER RAD. The antechamber is made of brass while the cooling fins as well as the water channels are made of copper. The side panels are laser-cut from 1 mm thick steel plates or stainless steel and subsequently brushed or powder-coated in black or white, depending on the finish.

Watercool Unveils Heatkiller Multitop X2 and X3 DDC Pumps and Expansion Top

The new HEATKILLER Multitop series for Lowara/Laing DDC pumps features a unique modular design and expandability. Each top is manufactured from a solid, 30 mm thick acetal block while the internal structure has been optimized for head and flow capacity. The series includes a SINGLETOP, a MULTITOP X2 as well as MULTITOP X3 and an EXPANSION-TOP. The SINGLETOP is designed to operate one DDC pump and, unlike the MULTITOPS, cannot be expanded.

The expandable MULTITOP X2 and X3 are designed to operate two respectively three DDC pumps in series, thereby significantly increasing the delivery head. For the MULTITOP X3, an EXPANSION TOP serves as connection between input and output. An expansion with additional EXPANSION TOPs is easily possible with both the MULTITOP X3 and X2, theoretically allowing infinite scaling.

New in our Product Range - The HEATKILLER V-VGA Water Cooler, the Latest Revolution from WATERCOOL

With the HEATKILLER V-VGA, WATERCOOL presents its latest cooler generation, suitable for the current NVIDIA RTX 3080/3090 graphics card series. As the new version number "V" already indicates, apart from the new design, a lot has also been done under the cover. The HEATKILLER V has been improved in many details. In addition to a completely new dual-layer design, the cooling structure has also been enhanced.

The cooler was designed in different versions for well-known brands such as EVGA, ZOTAC, GAINWARD and many more. The standard Heatkiller V-VGA version is designed for short manufacturers circuit boards, while the XL version was specially adapted for cards such as the Zotac Trinity or Inno3d ICHill to achieve optimum cooling performance. The HK V will be available in the next few days from selected retailers as well as directly from Watercool's online store, but with some delay.

Heatkiller IV for AMD Ryzen Threadripper Now Available

WaterCool announced retail availability of HeatKiller IV water-blocks for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. Designed for AMD sockets TR4 and SP3r2, with micro-fin lattices at just the right places to effectively cool the active dies of the Threadripper MCM, the block comes in four variants - Pure Copper, Copper-Nickel, Acryl-Nickel Black, and Acryl-Nickel Red. The Pure Copper variant combines an exposed copper main block with a copper top; the Nickel-Copper variant is nearly identical to this, except the block and top are nickel-plated; the Acryl-Nickel Black combines a nickel-plated copper main block with an acrylic top that's been framed by black anodized aluminium, while the Acryl-Nickel Red is its twin with a red colored frame.

The Pure Copper and Copper-Nickel variants boast of a staggering 1 kg weight (that's a lot for a water-block). The acrylic variants are a little over half the weight. Besides being see-through, the Acrylic variants are studded with RGB LED strips that have a standard 4-pin RGB header. All variants measure 118 mm x 78 mm x 18 mm, and feature standardized G 1/4-inch ports (fittings not included). There's a healthy 25 mm gap between the two ports so you can dabble with some of the fancier fittings in the market. The Pure Copper variant is priced at 89.95€, while the Nickel-Copper, Acryl-Nickel Black, and Acryl-Nickel Red are priced at 99.95€ (prices include taxes).
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