Tuesday, December 22nd 2020

New in our Product Range - The HEATKILLER V-VGA Water Cooler, the Latest Revolution from WATERCOOL

With the HEATKILLER V-VGA, WATERCOOL presents its latest cooler generation, suitable for the current NVIDIA RTX 3080/3090 graphics card series. As the new version number "V" already indicates, apart from the new design, a lot has also been done under the cover. The HEATKILLER V has been improved in many details. In addition to a completely new dual-layer design, the cooling structure has also been enhanced.

The cooler was designed in different versions for well-known brands such as EVGA, ZOTAC, GAINWARD and many more. The standard Heatkiller V-VGA version is designed for short manufacturers circuit boards, while the XL version was specially adapted for cards such as the Zotac Trinity or Inno3d ICHill to achieve optimum cooling performance. The HK V will be available in the next few days from selected retailers as well as directly from Watercool's online store, but with some delay.
"The focus of our development has always been to improve the deliverable performance." (Rico Weber, WATERCOOL CEO, Sep.2020). This quote marked the beginning of the development of the new HEATKILLER V VGA cooler. In addition to an increase of performance, the focus also lay on improvements in handling and durability. The HEATKILLER VGA coolers, known for their outstanding workmanship, have also been visually enhanced.

  • Dual layer flow
  • Refined cooling structure
  • Increased flow
  • Symmetrical cooling design
  • Screwless cover
  • aRGB as standard
  • Insulating spacers made of high performance plastic (Peek)
  • Stainless steel reinforced threads
  • CNC cut thermal pads
  • Kryonaut thermal compound
WATERCOOL dual layer inflow
The inflow to the cooling structure has been completely reworked. It now is placed with a vertical offset above a second level. The inlet and outlet channels cross each other, but are spatially separated from each other. The new design allows a symmetrical arrangement of the cooling channels. The advantage of the symmetrical design is a steady flow through the heat sink. Dead zones and hotspots are thus effectively avoided. At the same time the windage is reduced.

With the new HEATKILLER V the extremely efficient cooling structure of the predecessor was further refined. The enlarged cooling surface ensures exceptionally low GPU temperatures. To reduce turbulences, all cooling channels were manufactured in a rounded design.

Screwless cover, aRGB
With the new design of the HK V there are no more screws in the visible area, which gives the cooler a very clean and unique look. The two acrylic nickel versions also feature integrated aRGB illumination. Here Watercool uses an LED strip with an immensely high density of 144LEDs per linear meter. This unusually high number was intended to provide adequate illumination.

Insulating spacers and stainless steel reinforced threads
The experience gained in the industrial sector brought the high-performance synthetic material "Peek" to attention. This material provides one hundred percent insulation between the cooler block and the graphics card's circuit board. To avoid issues with the threads in the Plexiglas, Watercool inserted a square nut made of stainless steel.

Easy handling and best possible heat transfer
With the Pre-cut thermal the installation has never been easier before. The award-winning Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste ensures the heat transfer from the GPU to the cooler. Even the maintenance has been thought of. By loosening two screws, the stainless steel respectively aluminum bezel can be removed.

Announced options:
  • Backplate
  • Vertical connection terminal (Plexiglas GS, Acetal)
There will be optional modifications for the HEATKILLER V VGA. Besides the obligatory backplate, WATERCOOL also thought about modding with a vertical connection terminal made of Plexiglas GS. The HEATKILLER V VGA is available in different versions for well-known manufacturers. Besides EVGA, ZOTAC, Palit, Gainward, KFA2 there are many other brands that produce graphics cards based on the "manufacturer reference PCB". The coolers are designed to fit perfectly on all PCBs. You can choose from a number of different variants. There are Acetal copper versions as well as Plexiglas GS versions with a nickel-plated copper bottom and bright aRGB stripes. The prices vary and start from 129,90 € without optional accessories.
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Bummer there’s no block for the FE. Still beautiful blocks though!
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does it cool the backplate? no? ok bye
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The 1st thing that came to my mind when I looked at the pics was...

Ummm.... CookieMonster coming to get ya :roll:

Not sure why, but oh well...
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An attractive, beautiful piece of copper will provide good cooling and the flowability is perfectly executed. Spacers are unusual, I’d rather see steel. Quick CNC error correction. cooling the lower Ram bed .I hope it won't be like that on all the blocks, Maybe the first group. It will not affect the cooling .
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does it cool the backplate? no? ok bye
The release says a backplate is coming...

I'd like one for the Trio X!
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When the website thermalbench was around, Watercool's Heatkiller line consistently outperformed EK... Good looking blocks just like the Heatkiller IV series
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When the website thermalbench was around, Watercool's Heatkiller line consistently outperformed EK... Good looking blocks just like the Heatkiller IV series
Man what happened to Thermal Bench? Great site. I also miss Martin's Liquid Cooling Lab and Johnny Guru (PSU's).
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If the black copper doesn't have milling marks as bad as the optimus does it's mine
Hope you get one VSG or W1z for brake down :cool:
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