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Alienware Updates its Gaming Laptop Lineup

Alienware, the pioneer in specialty high-performance PC gaming systems, introduced its latest and most powerful gaming laptops with the unveiling of the Alienware 14, Alienware 17 and Alienware 18 at E3 in Los Angeles. The systems feature a bold new design and extraordinary performance, uniquely engineered to deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

The new laptops include the Alienware 14 for the enthusiast gamer who requires a laptop that provides enough performance for any task, yet is mobile enough to fit into a backpack; the Alienware 17 for an immersive, graphics-intensive experience with the latest technologies for desktop-grade performance; and the Alienware 18, the ultimate gaming laptop that commands respect among top gamers for its unparalleled performance and construction.

Dell's Enhanced Alienware Portfolio Delivers Exceptional Mobile Gaming Experience

Alienware, Dell's high performance PC gaming brand, is taking the mobile gaming experience to a new level with its enhanced gaming laptop portfolio that lets gamers choose a system that best fits their mobile lifestyle. The enhanced systems include: the M14x, the most powerful 14-inch laptop in the universe, for the gamer who requires a balance between mobility and performance; the 3D-capablei M17x for an immersive high-definition, surround-sound sensory experience, and the M18x - also the most powerful 18-inch laptop in the universe - for gamers whose priority is performance above all else, but who also require the option to occasionally 'go mobile.'

The Alienware M14x, M17x, and M18x laptops deliver immersive sensory experiences, with each offering the latest NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon HD graphics cards and the Creative Sound Blaster audio chipset with THX 7.1 digital surround sound and Klipsch-branded speakers.

Klipsch Annouces Image S4 and S2 Series In-Ear Headphones

Stepping up competition in the mid-range in-ear headphones market, Klipsch today announced its Image S4 and S2 models. The series holds the most affordable in-ear headphones in Klipsch's lineup. The Image S4 and S2 are priced at US $79 and $49 respectively. Despite its market placement, the headphones come with bundles that add value, with the critically acclaimed oval “ear-gels”, and a carrying case.

The Image S4 boasts of the first dual-magnet micro-speakers, which should yield better bass responsiveness according to the company. The Image S2 has near-identical specifications except for that it carries angled nozzles and a standard driver. For the Image S4, the frequency-response is ranged at 10 Hz to 20 KHz. Its sensitivity is measured at 110 db SPL/mW, and nominal impedance at 18 ohm. A standard 3.5 mm stereo jack serves as its input.
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