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Advantech Launches ATX Intel Xeon E5 Industrial Serverboard

Advantech, a global embedded platform manufacturer, today unveiled the new ASMB-822I server-grade motherboard powered by Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 family technology. This new technology comprises 64-bit multi-core processors, PCI Express Gen3 high speed communications, and DDR3 memory with total capacity up to 96GB. ASMB-822I is perfect designed for high performance demands such as NVR, DVR and also target to video wall, video conferencing, surveillance and other mission-critical applications.

"Advantech is committed to providing a full spectrum of embedded systems with advanced and intelligent built-in technology, from fanless and ruggedized to high-performance solutions," said Linda Tsai,Director of Advantech Embedded Systems Group. The ASMB-822I is an ATX server board equipped with LGA 2011 Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 series and Intel C602J series chipset. It supports six DDR3 registered DIMM slots for a 96 GB total capacity and dual GbE LANs using Intel controllers.

New Intel Xeon 7500 Eight-Core Processor Pushes Mission Critical into the Mainstream

Intel Corporation today culminated the transition to the company's award-winning "Nehalem" chip design with the launch of the Intel Xeon 7500 processor series. In less than 90 days, Intel has introduced all-new 2010 PC, laptop and server processors that increase energy efficiency and computing speed and include a multitude of new features that make computers more intelligent, flexible and reliable.

Expandable to include from two to 256 chips per server, the new Intel Xeon processors have an average performance three times that of Intel's existing Xeon 7400 series on common, leading enterprise benchmarks, and come equipped with more than 20 new reliability features.

Intel, Novell Extend Collaboration to Drive Moblin Adoption

Intel Corporation and Novell Inc. today announced broad efforts to closely collaborate and encourage original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) to adopt Moblin, an optimized open source Linux software platform for enabling rich Internet experiences on Intel Atom processor-based netbooks and other mobile systems.
Intel and Novell signed an agreement outlining their plan for collaboration. Novell also announced it will create a Moblin-based product for netbooks that it will take to market to a wide range of OEMs and ODMs. Additionally, Novell will establish Novell* Open Labs in Taiwan to foster the adoption of Moblin and will work with the Taiwan Moblin Enabling Center (MEC), a joint effort of Intel and the Taiwan Institute for Information Industry, to validate designs for Moblin compliance.

Ubuntu 9.10 Codenamed ''Karmic Koala'', Eying Cloud-Computing and Netbooks

Ubuntu's contribution to propagating Linux to the client platforms (general desktop/notebook) is invaluable. Its developers are known to codename major builds of the OS after animals. An upcoming version, 9.10 has been codenamed "Karmic Koala", after the cute and cuddly animal from south-east Australia. Going by Ubuntu's six-month development cycle, 9.10 should follow 9.04 "Jaunty Jackalope" slated for this April, and should be coming out by October.

The new client-version is expected to be netbook-friendly, with having significantly lower boot times. The target booting time for 9.04 is 25 seconds, while the developers hope to improve that figure further with 9.10. The developers will be integrating features from Intel's Moblin platform in order to improve performance on Atom-based devices. The Server Edition based on Ubuntu, which is steadily gaining in adoption, yet lagging behind offerings from market heavyweights such as Red Hat and Novell, will also get its share of improvements, one of the most important of them being enhanced support for cloud-computing.

openSUSE 11.0 Beta 1 Released

The openSUSE team has released the first beta of the new openSUSE 11.0. New features for this version include KDE 4.0.3, GNOME 2.22.1, a new installer and 60% faster installation. openSUSE is designed to be one of the easiest-to-use Linux distributations available, although as this is a beta there are still likely to be some bugs. You can download it from here.

Source: openSUSE News

IBM Accelerates Desktop Customer Choice With Support for Ubuntu, Red Hat and Novell

IBM today announced that it will offer an integrated Open Collaboration Client Solution with support for Ubuntu, a Linux-based operating system from Canonical Ltd. that is especially popular for desktops, laptops and thin clients. Showing strong momentum around its IBM Lotus Notes 8 and IBM Lotus Symphony-based Open Collaboration Client Solution, IBM also announced a new agreement working with Red Hat targeting small and medium-sized enterprises, and momentum in the Open Collaboration Client Solution powered by SUSE Linux Enterprise from Novell that was announced in August 2007. The announcements were made at the opening of Lotusphere in Orlando.

Red Hat and Novell being Sued for Patent Infringement

Little known company IP Innovation is attempting to sue both Red Hat and Novell for patent infringement involving Linux. According to the firm, both Red Hat and Novell’s Linux distributions violate patent number 5,072,412 for a “User Interface with Multiple Workspaces for Sharing Display System Objects” – a patent dating back to December 10th 1991 – as well as two other patents. The orginal statement is as follows:
Red Hat's and Novell's infringement, contributory infringement and inducement to infringe has injured plaintiffs and plaintiffs are entitled to recover damages adequate to compensate them for such infringement but in no event less than a reasonable royalty.
This is the first ever patent infringement litigation involving Linux.Source: Groklaw via [H]ard|OCP

Novell Linux Thanks Microsoft for Growing Market Share

Over the past three fiscal quarters, Novell Linux increased its market share by 243%, and wants to thank Microsoft for this success. Linux and Microsoft fanboys everywhere, this is not what you think it is. Ever since Microsoft and Novell signed a collaborative deal in November, both companies have seen nothing but benefit from this relationship. Novell made over $100 million USD in revenue, and Microsoft has the support of Linux users seeking interoperability, the driving force behind such explosive growth.Source: ZDNet

KDE project is now sponsored by Intel and Novell

The KDE project, which aims to develop a beautiful open-source window manager for *nix, is now sponsored. Both Intel and Novell are funding KDE. Both companies are supporting KDE as patrons, which means they donate €10,000 a year to support the development and maintenance of KDE. Patrons of the project also get to use the fancy K logo on their respective websites.Source: Nordic Hardware

Dell Joins Microsoft and Novell Collaboration

Microsoft Corp. and Novell Inc. today announced that Dell Inc. is the first major systems provider to join the business collaboration that was formed by Microsoft and Novell in response to customer demand for greater interoperability and intellectual property (IP) assurance. As part of the agreement, Dell will purchase SUSE Linux Enterprise Server certificates from Microsoft and establish a services and marketing program to migrate existing Linux users who are not Dell Linux customers to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
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