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Global Semiconductor Sales Up 14.7% Year-to-Year in February, Says SIA

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) today announced global semiconductor industry sales were $39.6 billion for the month of February 2021, an increase of 14.7% over the February 2020 total of $34.5 billion, but 1.0% less than the January 2021 total of $40.0 billion. Monthly sales are compiled by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) organization and represent a three-month moving average. SIA represents 98% of the U.S. semiconductor industry by revenue and nearly two-thirds of non-U.S. chip firms.

"Global semiconductor sales during the first two months of the year have outpaced sales from early in 2020, when the pandemic began to spread in parts of the world," said John Neuffer, SIA president and CEO. "Sales into the China market saw the largest year-to-year growth, largely because sales there were down substantially early last year."

Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021 Dates Leaked

SteamDB has recently received a leaked email to Steam partners confirming the dates for Steam's next sale. The Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021 will take place from February 11th to February 15th. Steam regularly sends out emails like this to their developers so that they can prepare for upcoming sales. These emails aren't supposed to be made public. Steam will also be having a Game Festival early next month before the Lunar New Year Sale where they will be releasing free demos for upcoming titles and highlighting indie games.

Steam Winter Sale Has Started

The 15th Annual Steam Winter Sale is on now thru January 5th, offering big savings on thousands of titles, new seasonal items in an upgraded Points Shop, and the chance to vote for the final nominees in the 5th Annual Steam Awards.

In addition to offering massive savings on thousands of titles, the Steam Points Program is updated for the event with new seasonal items -- including animated stickers, avatars, and the Seasonal Profile -- plus additional upgrades and community awards to redeem for Steam Points. Meanwhile, Steam Chat now includes in-line chat reactions with emoticons and animated stickers.

Intel Sells Its Power Management Chip Business, Enpirion, to Mediatek for $85 Million

Intel continues to "shed fat" on its business portfolio. After last year's sale of its smartphone modem chip business to Apple, the company is now parting ways with its power management circuitry division - Enpirion - and offloading it to Richtek, a division of Taiwanese MediaTek. The sale price of $85 million is a drop in the bucket for Intel's overall bottom line, so it's not a way for the company to cash in some desperately needed money - all accounts of Intel's troubles in the wake of its semiconductor manufacturing issues and AMD's market resurgence pale in comparison to Intel's revenues.

This actually looks like a company that's actually streamlining its R&D expenditures and focusing on execution for the markets Intel sees as most important for today and for tomorrow. Intel's Enpirion focuses on building power management chips for FPGA circuits, SoCs, CPUs, and ASICs, and will now serve to bolster MediaTek's SoC business while allowing the Taiwanese company to expand and diversify its business portfolio, even as Intel focuses on their core competencies.

KeysWorlds Mid-Year Sale Rolls On: 50% Off on Discounted Genuine Software

KeysWorlds popular Mid-Year Sale on discounted genuine software continues into its third week, with jaw-dropping deals on genuine Windows 10 and Office 2019 software, besides combinations of their various editions. This enables you to allocate more of your PC building budget toward hardware components. Take advantage of a TechPowerUp-exclusive 50% off discount coupon on Office 2019 Professional Plus and its bundles with Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home. Do also check out great deals such as standalone Windows 10 Pro for $9.95, Office 2019 Professional Plus for $28.44. KeysWorlds is an international genuine software mechant of high repute, giving you the flexibility and safety of using PayPal.

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Epic Games Store Set To Offer Partial Refunds For Recent Sales

It seems that Epic Games has quietly rolled out a new automated partial refund feature to games purchased via its storefront which later had their price cut in a sale. Studio Mayday founder Joshua Boggs shared an automated email he received from the Epic Games Store on Twitter, which stated that he would receive a partial refund for the difference in the game's price he recently purchased which shortly afterwards went on sale. This is the first we've heard of such a system and Epic Games may well be keeping the update quite to prevent abuse of the system.
Epic Games Store email
You recently placed orders from the Epic Games Store. The price of the game(s) you purchased were recently lowered, so we are issuing partial refunds for the difference(s).

Nintendo Switch Sales Surge Surpassing SNES, N64, GameCube & Wii U

Sales of Nintendo's hybrid console the Nintendo Switch have surged with combined sales of 55.77 million units worldwide. The Nintendo Switch family of systems which includes the Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch Lite sold 21.03 million units last year which reflects a 24.0% increase in sales from the previous year, this was likely due in part to the launch of the Switch Lite and the recent demand from the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Software sales saw an even more impressive jump of 42.3% over the previous year with 168.72 million units sold this year which brings lifetime software sales for the Nintendo Switch to 356.24 million units. Animal Crossing: New Horizons along with other best-selling games all saw strong success. These numbers put the Nintendo Switch ahead of the failed Wii U, GameCube, Nintendo 64, and SNES. The switch is also quickly approaching the NES and will probably take its spot to become the second best-selling home console Nintendo has ever produced right after the original Wii.

Intel Sheds Extra Weight: Selling Home Gateway Division Assets to California-based MaxLinear for $150 Million

Intel is looking to further consolidate its product and services portfolio through the sale of its Home Gateway Platform Division to California-based connectivity infrastructure provider MaxLinear for $150 million. The move comes in the wake of CEO Bob Swan's efforts to reduce Intel's expenses on markets that aren't showing the needed returns to justify the increased investment in engineering and distribution - as with everything, there is associated opportunity cost with every product division that isn't up to the task. And in this case, the task was always daunting, with Intel's Home Gateway Platform Division (whose efforts center around system-on-a-chip (SoC) products for home gateways, Wi-Fi access points and Ethernet) competing with the likes of Qualcomm and Broadcom.

This comes after Intel already sold its cellular modem business to Apple on the rationale that it wouldn't "have provided attractive returns." An Intel spokesperson clarified that the sale of the Home Gateway Platform Division represents "a majority of the assets from Intel's Home Gateway Platform Division but not all of them." Intel expects most jobs directly impacted to find alternatives under the new MaxLinear umbrella, or though an internal Intel reshuffling. Intel is choosing to refocus on high-margin markets over which it already has ascendance, instead of trying to diversify - in this case - towards the cutthroat mobile and home gateway markets.

Valve Index VR back on Sale on Monday for $999

Valve's Index VR headset is expected to go back on sale on Monday, March 9th, when Valve will again re-fill its stock of Index VR headsets, according to Engadget. Just in time for the Half-Life: Alyx launch, Valve has decided to supply all of the gamers with a stock of the headsets so everyone can experience the new Half-Life game with Valve's Index VR. Considering that Half-Life: Alyx is dropping on March 23rd, Valve thought of everyone in need of a new VR headset and decided to offer it on Monday. Valve is expecting the headset to sell out completely, so its best to be early if you want to get one too, for $999. The sale will begin at 1PM eastern time.

Another Month, Another Sale: Steam Lunar New Year Sale Goes Live

Steam today stated another round of sales on their digital storefront. Dubbed the "Lunar New Year" sale, it is being held in celebration of the Chinese new year, with hundreds of games with discounts that can go anywhere from 10% up to 90% off. You can grab TPU's game of the year, Red Dead Redemption 2, with 20% off. Another (this time, personal) suggestion is to try out Disco Elysium. If you like isometric RPGs, this one, for me, takes the gameof the year for 2020 award, with truly incredible writing, and a true RPG experience that isn't bogged down by the need to include a combat system (and its connected writing requirements and such).

Other offerings are Gears V, available 50% off, Frostpunk (60% off), The Witcher III (if you don't already own it, of course, it's 70% off), Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (-35%), and various others - likely more than you have money to purchase even at their discounted rates.

GoodOffer24 Presents Christmas Sale: Get Genuine Windows 10, Office, and Their Combos at Unbelievable Prices

Tis the season of gifting software upgrades with GoodOffer24! Get genuine, globally-valid licenses to Windows 10, Office, and their combos at never before seen prices. The yearend sale allows you to buy licenses in bulk to upgrade all the PCs and notebooks in your household or small business, as Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 7 in January. Bag unbelievable deals such as Office 2019 Professional Plus for USD $42.56, and Windows 10 Pro for $10.62, upon applying TechPowerUp-exclusive discount codes. Check out other deals below that are sure to sweeten up your Holiday!

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Steam Autumn Sale is Live - Even More Games on sale Than Previous Editions

Steam may be losing some luster in the digital game distribution arena with the quantity and quality of heavy players that have appeared since its inception - I'm looking at GOG and the EPIC Games Store especially. However, Steam continues to be the service that offers the largest library of purchasable titles. As such, if you don't have a backlog of games to play already (don't lie, you do have them, but we won't judge if you buy some more), now is the time to make the jump.

The biggest discount percentage I've seen, so far, is that for Rise of the Tomb Raider, which cuts a total of 85% from its listing price. Discounts range from 20% through to that (apparent) ceiling, with franchises such as the Dark Souls Series (Dark Souls 3 for $15 (75% off), Dark Souls 2 for $9.99 (75% off), and Dark Souls Remastered going for $23.99 (40% off). The Dishonored franchise also sees massive cuts from their list prices, at 70% for the original and 75% for Dishonored 2 and its Death of the Outsider expansion (how I love these games). The Master Chief Collection, however, isn't on sale - it's still in pre order, you know how it is. But maybe one of these days you'll get that one (though it already is a steal at its launch price for the quality of games you're getting). Go on, feast your eyes and murder your wallet. We're cheering for you.

The 2019 Steam Summer Sale is On From Today Through July 9th

The annual Steam game sale celebration is here, in the form of the Summer Sale. The now legendary platform for games consumption on the PC ecosystem has announced that from today through July 9th, thousands of games are experiencing price cuts that can go up to 90%. If you're planning to get your game fix, and it isn't an EPIC Games Store Exclusive, you can try and pick it up here at a discounted price - provided you can actually reach the site. Storefront price cuts are Devil May Cry 5 (-34%) and Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (-50%) but you can also grab Ni-oh, for example, at a 60% discount. The new Summer Sale now features a Steam Summer Grand Prix mode, where users can band together in groups to complete milestones (including unlocking quests and achievements) that will grant users games from their wishlist as they achieve "Pit Stops".

As it stands, it seems there have been some connection issue,s with users reporting "502 - Bad gateway" errors. For me, the page simply appears blank, with not even a single error report shown (after I finished writing this piece, I tried the steam store page again, and it seems to be working - at least for now.

URCDKeys Brings You the Summer Vacation Sale: Windows 10 Pro OEM Under $12, Up To 90% Off

Summer is firmly upon us, and is ready with new selection of deeply discounted software licenses to set you up for the gaming season! With genuine, globally-valid keys to Windows 10 and Office 2016, you can build the gaming PC of your dreams this Summer, by pushing the money saved on software onto better hardware than what you planned. Upsize to bigger monitor, a faster graphics card, a bigger SSD, or pick up a few of the season's hottest new games (also deeply discounted from URCDKeys). As part of the Summer Vacation Sale, URCDKeys is selling Windows 10 Pro globally-valid licenses for USD $14.56 (a straight $120 saving), but wait, a TechPowerUp-exclusive discount coupon gets you a price of just $11.65. Office 2016 Professional Plus is another piece of software no home desktop is complete without, which you can now get for as low as $29.99 after applying our coupon!

URCDKeys also stores a vast selection of the latest games, in-game currency, DLCs, items, and what have you. Its latest addition is the GeForce Fortnite Bundle. This includes 2,000 V-bucks, and the Fortnite Counterattack Set that hooks you up with the rare "Reflex" outfit, the "Pivot" glider, an Angular Axe, and "Response Unit" backbling. Normally priced at $51.55, you can buy this from URCDKeys for just $39.68, and spend the money saved on more V-Bucks, or your next pizza.

Buy GeForce Fortnite Bundle from URCDKeys at $39.68 | Buy Windows 10 Pro from URCDKeys at $11.65 | Buy Office 2016 Professional Plus from URCDKeys at $29.99

Don't forget to use the discount-code Summer20 at checkout for the discounted Windows 10 Pro and Office 2016 Professional Plus prices you see above. Use the code Summer3 for the discounted GeForce Fortnite Bundle, and pretty much most games or in-game stuff you see on URCDKeys! Happy Gaming!

Epic Announces the "EPIC Mega Sale", with $10 Off on Every Game Above $14.99

EPIC today announced their first ever EPIC Mega Sale, which brings a pretty linear discount across the games catalogue the online store has available for purchase. The company announced it is slashing at least $10/£10/€10 from every game priced above $14.99/£13.99/€15.99. This includes preorders on their own page, which means you can pre-purchase one of those soon to be released Quantic Dream games on the cheap (Heavy Rain and Beyond: two Souls can be yours for €9.99 right now, for instance), and Close to the Sun for €19.99. So if you are looking for some Epic Games Store exclusives (such as Metro Exodus for €34.99), go on and run.

Steam "Lunar New Year" Sale Is Ongoing; Grab Your Vices With a Discount

Despite the entire controversy that has been affecting the digital games distribution market in recent times, life is following its usual course over at the not-so-green, not-so-walled garden of Steam. The platform is having another Sale, this time, themed "Lunar New Year". The whole sale has an eastern flavor to it, which isn't that strange to understand.

There are the usual, multi-developer and publishing deals, but Steam has created a whole category for games by Chinese Developers, thus bringing attention (and keeping flavor, of course) with the sale's team. You can grab some nice discounts on West-developed games such as Vampyr, Bioshock Infinite, and some other classics and not so classics, or some particularly interesting East-developed titles. The sale ends on February 11th, and users buying games at a discount can count on another €5 off from their minimum €30 purchases, provided the conditions are met.

The 2018 Steam Autumn Sale Now Live, Let The Wallet Draining Begin

As Thanksgiving nears, Steam's Autumn Sale has officially started. Offering multiple deals to be thankful for, such as, Assassin's Creed Odyssey (33% off), NeiR: Automata (50% off), Monster Hunter World (34% off), Shadow of The Tomb Raider (50% off) and Civilization VI Gold Edition (69% off) just to name a few. Even virtual reality titles like Doom VFR, Skyrim VR, and Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality are now on sale for (50% off). That said, PC gamers can breathe a sigh of relief as the latest Steam sale will run from November 21st until November 27th at 10:00 AM Pacific. Meaning you have plenty of time to spend all your hard earned money, so open up your wallets and let the shopping spree begin. Celebrates 10th Anniversary with a Makeover, Freebies and a Site-wide Sale!

It was less than a month ago that we reported on's Back to School game sale event, and today we got wind of an even larger one. Indeed, (previously Good Old Games) is 10 today, and decided it was as good a time as any to celebrate the anniversary with us. First up, the entire website has received a visual makeover which offers a new color palette and also some user experience improvements as it pertains to the game collections and menus.

More important to you, I presume, is the free game(s) available via a vote. As of now, visitors can vote between Shadow Warrior 2, Superhot, and Firewatch for another ~36 hours as of this posting following which the winning game will be available for free for the next 48 hours after voting ends. There are also many, many other games on sale on the website now, and has also added in support for their media partners to curate a list of recommended games including Eurogamer, PC Gamer, and GameSpot- a move that reminds us of Steam's own Curator system for game recommendations. The page also now includes a history section showing the website's humble beginnings to what is today the leading store front for DRM-free games. Go ahead and see if you find something you like today!

GOG's Back to School Sale is Live, Features 500+ DRM-Free Game Titles

The whole concept of a Back to School game sale is confusing to many, given kids have less free time with school coursework to handle. Perhaps it is targeted more to parents, who have some time to spare now and also appreciate a good sale that brings monetary savings for games in general. (formerly Good Old Games) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CD Projekt and aims to offer a DRM-free platform for PC gaming. The week-long sale ends 10 pm UTC on September 10 and lists over 500 games discounted by up to 90% on some titles. These also include flash deals (remember those, Steam?) as well as new additions to GOG Connect that offers DRM-free versions of games one may have purchased on Steam before.

Current flash deals as of the time of writing include Star Trek Starfleet Academy for $4.99, The Dwarves for $9.99, This Is The Police for $3.79, Prince of Persian: The Sands of Time for $2.49, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon for $2.49, and Shadowrun Dragonfall Director's Cut for $2.29. Head over to their website for more flash deals, and also deals that last the entire week featuring games both old and new alike.

Bethesda Readies Appetites for Quakecon With a Catalog Sale on Steam,

Bethesda has taken it to Steam's platform to throw around a sale party that looks to whet appetites for their legendary Quakecon. They're doing this sale on a platform which, by the way, won't be the home for Fallout 76 and possibly other, future titles from the company. But that is neither here nor there; this here is for users to be able to snag an awesome deal on what are definitely some of the better games in the industry.

The discounts range from 25% (for the recently released Prey Mooncrash DLC, for example) all the way to 75% (for games such as Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel and the original Fallout), but most games are seeing a 50% mark-down from their current pricing. If you have any extra money you weren't counting on and some Bethesda games on your wishlist, now might be the best time to get the ball rolling.

GOG Kicks Off Their Summer Game Sale - Free Xenonauts Copy To All Users

GOG has kicked off its Summer Game Sale to tide you over through until some of the upcoming summer and autumn releases. While you wait for the next big thing in gaming, you can always purchase some classics, or heavily-discounted, relatively recent games, so as to grow your potential-etched backlog of games. You can take the plunge on GOG's discounted catalog from today until June 18th.

All users get a complimentary copy of Xenonauts so long as they click a GOG banner, and the service is promising some 1000+ games with up to 90% discounts. As an added bonus, particularly prolific buyers get a free copy of the excellent Sunless Sea if they purchase at least €4.09 worth of games during the sale ($4.99), and a copy of Rime should they surpass the €16.19 mark.

Et Tu, Steam? 2018 Steam Summer Sale Begs Users to Betray Their Bank Accounts

Steam's annual sale extraordinnaire event's date has been set. The day where users will start changing winks and seduction efforts with their bank accounts will come on June 21st, the first day of the 2018 Steam Summer sale. If a leak from Steam DB is correct (and they've been right before), the Steam 2018 Summer Sale starts at 9:55AM Pacific Time on June 21, 2018, lasting for 13 lucky days until 10:05AM Pacific time on July 5, 2018.

Of course, stretching the old euro (or dollar, or appropriate currency, it's a wide world out there) can only go so far. Since we're more than a month away from the purported beginning of the next Steam Summer sale, users are encouraged to look through their backlog of games; look through their wishlist; and plan, furiously and strategically, where to allocate their gaming funds. Though we all know what will happen: we always need. All. The Games.

GOG Holds Massive Sale with Over 150 Titles

Digital distribution platform GOG has announced their 'Most Wanted Sale' with over 150 of the most wishlisted titles and discounts up to 85%. So odds are that you probably find a game that is of your liking. For example, you can grab the entire Witcher trilogy for less than $17 or the Baldur's Gate series for under $6. Other sought-after games include Divinity: Original Sin 2, SOMA, Shadow Warrior 2, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, and many more. The massive sale is live and will be up from now until April 23.

Ubisoft Welcomes Spring with Special Sale

Ubisoft is holding a special Spring sale over at their Ubi Store. The French video game publisher is offering discounts up to 75% on some of their games, DLCs, and other merchandise including clothing and collectibles. Titles from the Assassin's Creed, Tom Clancy, Far Cry, Splinter Cell, and Watch Dog franchises carry some juicy discounts. Some might find the Assassin's Creed Origins deal quite tempting as the game is currently at half-price. The Ubisoft Spring Sale isn't exclusive to the PC crowd. Console owners can get in on the fun as well. The majority of the discounts should be valid worldwide, although some might be restricted to certain regions. Here are a few of our recommendations.

Square Enix Holds Publisher Weekend Sale on Steam

Video game developer and publisher Square Enix is holding a Publisher Weekend Sale on the popular Steam platform. Discounts range from 20% to 90%. You can save big on some of their blockbuster titles which include Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Just Cause 3, NieR:Automata, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. It is also noteworthy that both Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy franchises are part of sale as well. We've included a few titles that stand out, but don't forget to swing by the Square Enix Publisher Weekend microsite for other incredible offers.
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