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Rumor: Noctua to Introduce NH-U12A Tower Cooler in Chromax Version

Noctua produces some of the most well-regarded CPU coolers in the PC space, and for good reason: they usually set the benchmark in both heat dissipation efficiency and noise levels. However, one of the elements that may not make their coolers as popular as they could be (and they are immensely popular) is the color scheme the company usually favors, with its brown and beige colors being relatively hard to fit in with many system builds. The company responded by adding Chromax versions to their lineup, with a more "typical" black color scheme, which have seen great success both in the market and user opinion.

A Reddit user going by the handle hoopon, however, claims to have received a tech support answer from a Noctua representative that said that a Chromax version of the famed, high-performance Noctua NH-U12A cooler is being readied for market launch in Q3 2020. Another user, Bergh3m, echoed these claims, saying that he himself had received a Noctua answer on the same product in the beginning of the year that placed the Noctua NH-U12A Chromax as being released in Q2 or Q3 2020. However, as with everything these days, the COVID-19 situation may very well has pushed the release to a definite Q3. As always, we urge you to take these rumors with a full pint of salt.

Deepcool Announces the GAMMAXX 400 EX Tower Cooler

Deepcool today announced a refresh of their previously-released GAMMAXX X 400 tower cooler. The new version will see improved cooling performance, due in no small part to the new dual-fan support. DIMM clearance has also been revisited, so as to prevent the new GAMMAXX 400 EX from interfering with your DIMM slot installation. The number of fins has been increased to 56, which means an extra 20% heat dissipation are that can be served by the increased airflow from the dual-fan configuration. A 4x 6 mm sintered copper heat pipe design (sintered as in, produced via pressure or temperatures that don't liquefy the copper) with Direct Touch technology should accelerate heat transfer form the CPU heatsink through to the cooling fins.

This is kind of a weighty design, coming in at 930 g for a cooling solution. Dimensions stand at 129 mm width, 103 mm thickness, and 157.5 mm height. It's expected the GAMMAXX 400 EX will be available around the $39 mark. For that pricing, it includes 2x TF120 high performance fans.

be quiet! Announces Pure Rock 2: High-compatibility Tower Cooler for the Masses

be quiet!, the market leader in PC power supplies in Germany since 2007, introduces Pure Rock 2. This update to the highly successful, entry-level Pure Rock cooler from 2014 ticks all the right boxes as the ideal upgrade from stock coolers by Intel and AMD. Pure Rock 2 offers an excellent price-performance ratio with a great cooling efficiency of 150 watts TDP, low noise level, and high memory compatibility. Even demanding, high-resolution multimedia or advanced gaming applications will not bring this cooler to its knees.

Pure Rock 2 is equipped with a Pure Wings 2 120 mm PWM fan, which has received accolades for its low noise level of no more than 26.8 decibels, even when the fan is spinning at its maximum speed of 1,500 rpm. Nine airflow-optimized fan blades reduce noise-generating turbulence and increase air pressure, while the four high-performance 6 mm heat pipes with heat pipe direct touch (HDT) technology provide a slightly improved cooling performance compared to the popular preceding model. Thanks to their impeccable build quality, Pure Wings 2 fans have a lifespan of more than 80,000 hours. Customers benefit from a three-year manufacturer's warranty for Pure Rock 2.
be quiet pure rock 2

Zalman Releases CNPS20X Twin Tower Cooler - 300 W TDP

Zalman has now achieved global availability of their CNPS20X twin tower cooler, an air-cooling solution designed to dissipate up to 300 W of heat from your CPU of choice. The Zalman CNPS20X features loads of heat transfer technologies, including RDTH (Reverse Direct Touch Heatpipe), an evolution of the now ubiquitous DTH (Direct Touch Heatpipe) technology applied to its six heatpipes, alongside IHD (Interactive Heatpipe transfer Design) for increased thermal performance (Zalman claims this last technology brings improvements in heat dissipation in the order of 20x).

Not only the heatpipe design has been touched upon, though; the company also employed what it calls a 4D corrugated fin design, which means the fins themselves have contours (imagine a honeycomb shape and you're close) that improve heat dissipation and airflow. There's a stack of fins built out of copper, which are located close to the center of the airflow to improve heat dissipation further.

Raijintek's Air Cooling Solutions at Computex 2018

Raijintek at Computex 2018 showcased two true tower coolers and a low profile solution that stood smaller besides them. The MYA RBW and the Delos RBW stood tall in their RGB tower greatness, while the Pallas Micro stood true to its name, showcasing compact cooling performance in tight quarters.

The MYA RBW is Raijintek's coup-de-grace in the tower cooler camp, and features a 6x 6 mm heatpipe design with the usual radiator fin design, which feature specially-designed grooves to virtually increase turbulence and heat dissipation area. Raijintek say the MYA RBW can handle up to 250 W TDPs with its dual-fan-supporting design, and should be compatible with all AMD and Intel systems.

Arctic Announces the Freezer 33 eSports One Tower Cooler

Arctic Cooling has introduced a new tower cooler solution for your CPU of choice. Silently shared on their website, the Freezer 33 eSports One exudes the conventional "gaming" aesthetic of black and red, with a black, 49-fin-stack array, and your choice of a 120 mm black, yellow, green, or white Bionix fan. Arctic says the eSports one is good for CPUs with TDPs up to 200 W, placing this heat dissipation capability on a new thermal coating technology that creates microturbulences, increasing the amount of heatsink area that's engaged in the cooling efficiency of the eSports One. There's also direct heatpipe technology with an offset design, and Arctic says that the heatpipes being centered on the die, instead of covering the entire surface are, delivers maximum cooling performance.

Scythe Silently Introduces the Sengokubune Tower Cooler

Scythe is acclaimed as one of the top air cooler manufacturers, and for good reason, with its products remaining on the top spot for air cooling efficiency long after they've first been introduced. For such a company, the addition of another product to their lineup would be expected to be an affair of toiling trumpets and performance promises, but this has not been the case. Scythe seems to have elected to go for the "powerfully silent" path for the Sengokubune tower cooler, stealthily adding it to their Japanese product pages.

Cooler Master Reveals Two New RGB CPU Coolers: The MasterAir MA410P, MA610P

Cooler Master has revealed two new tower coolers for their already extensive line-up, in the form of the MasterAir MA410P and MA610P. As the product names imply, the 410P is a slightly lower tier version of the 610P; however, both models share the same design philosophy with what Cooler Master is calling CDC (Continuous Direct Contact) 2.0 technology, which increases heatsink surface area by 45% compared to the first iteration of the technology.

The MasterAir MA410P is being hailed as the successor to the company's successful MasterAir Pro 4 CPU cooler, with four direct-contact copper heatpipes drawing heat from your CPU and through the fin array. A second fan can be added for a push-pull configuration, and a handy RGB controller ensures you'll be able to make it look exactly the way you want.
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