Tuesday, December 8th 2020

ID Cooling Reveals New Family of Mega Coolers for AMD, Intel CPUs

ID Cooling has announced their latest Mega Coolers, a new moniker and lineup that announces the coolers' compatibility with the latest, greatest, highest performance, and most power-hungry CPUs. The coolers are designed to accompany CPUs with TDPs up to 280 W. ID Cooling said these new mega coolers in the SE-207-series, which are basically tower coolers in design, will be hitting market just in time to address AMD's new-generation enthusiast grade Ryzen 5000-series 'Vermeer' and Intel's upcoming 11th Generation Core 'Rocket Lake' processors.

There are two separate coolers in the family; the SE-207-XT Black is aimed at AMD's Ryzen processors as well as Intel CPUs in LGA1200/115x/20xx form-factors; if you need some more cooling oomph, however, the SE-207-TRX Black is aimed at AMD's Ryzen Threadripper processor in TR4 packaging. Both coolers offer the same 280 W TDP dissipation capabilities, and are built in a twin-tower design with twin fans (700 RPM ~ 1800 RPM, up to 76.16 CFM air pressure, up to 35.2 dBA). In the case of the Threadripper-loving SE-207-TRX, a copper baseplate with direct-touch heatpipe technology removes heat from your CPU and passes it through the large, black, dual fin-stack arrays which are then cooled by two 120 mm fans. The E-207-XT Black, on the other hand, makes do with a solid copper baseplate absent of that same direct touch technology.
The SE-207-XT Black model for AM4 and Intel mainstream CPUs measures 144 × 122 × 157 mm, whereas the Ryzen Threadripper-geared SE-207-TRX measures 140 × 122 × 157 mm. There is no current MSRP or market availability information made public, but expect these to carry a premium price-tag in line with the best and most expensive tower coolers available today.
Source: Tom's Hardware
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Dual Hypers ???


too bad they didn't complete the almost all black color scheme with black clips & fan center, which would have made it really sick looking IMHO :)
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dimensions of the base plate should have been in this PR.
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Ohh, a black Scythe Fuma... Niiiice!
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