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Unreal Tournament 3 With Steamworks

In preparation for the massive update coming for Unreal Tournament 3, those who own a retail copy may now register it with Steam, free of charge.
The latest installment in the legendary online action series from Epic will be updated automatically via Steam and introduce support for Steamworks Achievements (with over 50 Achievements), plus a host of new features and enhancements in AI, Server Browsing, Demo Recording, Mod Support, and more.
For more information or to register your copy of UT3 with Steam, please visit steamgames.comSource: Steam

Early Performance Projections for Phenom II X4 940 Trickle-in

AMD would be releasing its desktop 45nm CPUs, starting with two models under the Phenom II X4 banner. At this point in time, there is a great deal of uncertainty about when AMD plans to stock retailers with the new CPUs. The company's own roadmaps pointed out to a Q1 2009 launch, with several sources reporting then, that an early January launch was likely, but now it seems unlikely according to sources, who suggest these processors to stock up in March or later.

Meanwhile, a slide showing what looks like the the company's performance projections for the Phenom II X4 940, made its way to Expreview. The Phenom II X4 940 quad-core processor (Black Edition variant) would serve as the company's flagship desktop processor in the months to come, until it gets a proper AM3 refresh, and taken over by Phenom II X4 945. In the slide, the Phenom II X4 940 is pitted against two seemingly mainstream quad-core processors by Intel: Core 2 Quad Q9300 and Core 2 Quad Q9400. A percentage comparison in the gaming performance across some games and 3DMark06 is shown.

Intel and Epic Games Launch ''$1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest''

Epic Games, the award-winning developer of multimillion-selling games and the world's leading game engine, Unreal Engine 3, today announced plans to follow up the original "$1 Million Make Something Unreal Contest" with an all new competition to include esteemed sponsor, Intel Corporation. Winnings exceed $1 million in value, and consist of one coveted Unreal Engine 3 license as a grand prize and other cash awards and prizes, including Intel Software Development Products and Velocity Micro PCs based on the Intel Dual Socket Extreme Desktop Platform with two Intel Core 2 Extreme quad-core processors. The 2008 "$1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest" will be judged in four preliminary phases and a grand final. Judging will begin in June 2008 and will conclude, with the grand final prizes being awarded, in fall 2009.

Epic Games Now on Steam

Epic Games and Valve, two of the PC industry's leading technology and content development studios, have inked an agreement to bring Epic's award-winning titles to Steam, a leading platform for PC games and digital content with over 15 million accounts around the world. The Epic hits now available on Steam include Unreal Gold, as well as Unreal II: The Awakening and the Unreal Tournament series of games, including the recently released Unreal Tournament 3, which has shipped over one million copies to date. All of Epic's titles available on Steam are offered in the Unreal Deal Pack, an incredible value for just $59.95. And, to celebrate the launch, all of Epic's games on Steam are available for 10% off their regular price. For more information or to purchase Epic's games via Steam, please visit Steam Games.Source: Steam

Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 Ship Date Announced

Publisher Midway has announced the official ship date for Epic Games' PlayStation 3 version of the multiplayer shooter Unreal Tournament 3, confirming Epic VP Mark Rein's recent estimate - December 10, 2007. Unusually for a console game, Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 will feature support for user-created content, which means you can load maps and mods from a central "My Content" menu. UT3 is already available on PC. The PS3 game will be priced at the standard $59.95.Source: Shacknews

AGEIA PhysX UT3 Mod-Kit Available Tomorrow

AGEIA has just announced that its PhysX UT3 Mod-Kit will be available tomorrow. As seen at the Leipzig Games Conference AGEIA PhysX owners will get the promised PhysX-powered mod featuring a tornado which tears the battlefield apart as the game progresses. In addition, the tornado actually sucks rockets into the vortex if they're fired too close and presents a real moving hazard to the player. Actual footage of the tornado can be seen here.Source: AGEIA,[H]ard|OCP

Unreal Tournament 3 Gold

The PC version of Unreal Tournament 3 has gone gold and will be in stores November 19, publisher Midway announced today. The game will be available as a $49.99 regular edition, and a $59.99 collector's edition which comes in a tin box and includes a bonus DVD as well as other goodies.

Source: Shacknews

Unreal Tournament 3 PC Beta Demo Coming Soon

Epic VP Mark Rein issued a short statement yesterday, confirming that a PC beta demo of Unreal Tournament 3 could be released as early as this week.
The development team feels they're pretty close to being ready to release this, ... so it could come out this week but for safety sake I'd say it should be out within two weeks.
said Rein on the Epic forums. According to him, the beta will feature standard online play, as well as an offline instant-action mode, allowing players to play with bots.
The purpose of the Beta Demo is to test the game on a large variety of hardware configurations and get gameplay feedback from the community,
he added.Source: Shacknews

Unreal Tournament 3 Will Not Support Cross Platform Play Between PS3 and PC

Unfortunately for anyone hoping to completely maul a PS3 owner via Unreal Tournament 3, cross platform play between the PC and the PS3 will not be available at launch. According to an Epic representative, "The biggest challenge in doing cross-platform play is synchronizing the builds such that the build on the PC is 100% compatible with the build on the PS3. Unfortunately (or fortunately) when you [put] games on [a] console you have a lengthy certification process to go through each time you release anything new." Hence, every time someone tweaked the UT3 build, it would have to be certified for the PS3 before it could be released for the computer. And since Epic has it's computer-owning customers closer to its heart than those owning a PS3, the PS3 was forced to lose the interoperability. On the bright side, though, PS3 owners still get access to all the UT3 mods and user-created content that PC users make.Source: 1Up

Unreal Tournament 3 + AGEIA PhysX Sneak Peek

AGEIA published today cinematic trailer showing the capabilities of Unreal Tournament 3 engine when played with PhysX card.
Our first sneak peek includes a look at in-game footage of a PhysX-powered mod featuring a tornado which tears the battlefield apart as the game progresses. In addition, the tornado actually sucks rockets into the vortex if they're fired too close and presents a real moving hazard to the player.
Click here to watch the sneak peek movie.Source: AGEIA
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