Thursday, March 27th 2008

Unreal Tournament 3 Bonus Pack Released

Epic has today released a bonus pack for Unreal Tournament 3, which includes three new maps for the game. Gamers may already be familiar with Morbias and Facing Worlds, whilst Searchlight is an all-new capture-the-flag map. You can download the bonus pack from here, which is just under 160MB.Source: FileShack
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8 Comments on Unreal Tournament 3 Bonus Pack Released

Yessss!!!! All we need now is adjustable POV via the mouse scroll wheel and we're set!:rockout:
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Senior Moderator
Hurray. Facing worlds.
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Woot i only noticed it now need to wake up excellent stuff.
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Polaris573 said:
Hurray. Facing worlds.
agreed - man i've missed that map!
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~Technological Technocrat~
ZOMG!!! FACING WORLD!!!!!!!!! *Hugs my laptop*
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Polaris573 said:
Hurray. Facing worlds.
It's about time!

The first UT release without one and they had to add it in the first bonus pack. Hope they learned their lesson for UT4.
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Jelle Mees
Subscribe to the "New Releases" and/or "Beta releases" forums at and you get 5-15 download links to the latest maps every day. Don't eaven see the point of releasing this bonus pack...
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