Monday, November 26th 2007

Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 Ship Date Announced

Publisher Midway has announced the official ship date for Epic Games' PlayStation 3 version of the multiplayer shooter Unreal Tournament 3, confirming Epic VP Mark Rein's recent estimate - December 10, 2007. Unusually for a console game, Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 will feature support for user-created content, which means you can load maps and mods from a central "My Content" menu. UT3 is already available on PC. The PS3 game will be priced at the standard $59.95.Source: Shacknews
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3 Comments on Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 Ship Date Announced

Bad-azz. Can't wait till I can get another PS3.
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Also another unusual is that the ps3 can support keyboard and mouse.
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Awsome, Ill still get the pc version tho
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