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ASUS Launches the Latest Z7S WS with Superb Expansion Options

Taipei, Taiwan, February 26, 2008 –Catering to users who need a powerful motherboard with high speeds and great expansion slot interface support, ASUS, worldwide leader in motherboard design and production, has today released the Z7S WS workstation motherboard. This innovative motherboard is equipped with dual socket 771 and utilizes the latest Intel® 5400 chipset for vigorous performance. It also supports fully buffered DDR2 800MHz dual-channel memory, dual PCI Express 2.0 x16 lanes; and comes in the compact CEB form factor. With this innovative motherboard, users will enjoy convenient slot expansion and enjoy fast and efficient work efficiency.

ASUS Z7S Not a Hoax

When we reported about the Inquirers review of the Asus Z7S we were quite skeptical. ASUS contacts could not confirm existence and even doubted the news themselves due to various reasons. (naming scheme, FB-DIMM's on enthusiast board, etc)
Besides a small review the Z7S was not heard of. Though we are happy to be able to tell you it isn't a hoax, a contact at Asus confirmed existence of the board and it is indeed aimed at previous PC-DL/NCCH-DL users.
Unfortunately nothing new is known, but seeing how the aforementioned boards were priced odds are it will not cost you an arm and a leg. Which is, of course, relative.
Strategically it would make sense to release this around the release of Skulltrail, the only board with similar features. So let's hope for some more news next month.

Intel Will Counter Barcelona with 1600MHz FSB Xeons

After hearing nothing about the 1600MHz FSB Xeons for several months VR-Zone tells us they will appear in Q4 this year. There will be 2 quad core Harpertown models at 2.8 and 3 GHz and a single dual core Wolfdale at 3.4 GHz. Additionally the cache is increased by 50% to 3MB per core. The faster FSB and increased cache will raise the bar even higher for Barcelona, however since both CPU's aren't available it is yet to be seen if this will be enough.

To support these new processors Intel will release the Seaburg chipset, it is not mentioned if the current chipsets will officially support the faster bus.
For a full list of new Wolfdales and Harpertowns visit VR-Zone.Source: VR-Zone

Intel Prices "Penryn" Xeons

Intel’s latest roadmap reveals pricing for its upcoming Penryn-based Xeon DP processors. The costs for Penryn-based Xeon DP processors start at $177 and top out at $1,172.
Intel has two Penryn-based quad-core Xeon DP processors under $300. The quad-core Xeon DP E5405 starts out at $209. The $209 price tag yields a quad-core Xeon DP processor clocked in the 2.0 GHz range, but below 2.33 GHz, with 12MB of L2 cache. Putting forth an extra $47 gets you the quad-core Xeon DP E5410 with its 2.33 GHz clock speed.
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