A-DATA X-Series DDR3 1600 MHz CL7 2GB Kit Review 7

A-DATA X-Series DDR3 1600 MHz CL7 2GB Kit Review

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I would like to thank A-DATA for supplying the review sample. The company has a full line-up of memory modules. They first made a name for themselves in the European and American market when they introduced DDR1 500 MHz memory at extremely competitive prices. Their current line-up of DDR2 memory goes all the way up to 1200 MHz, which seems to be the current limit of most manufacturers.

From the A-DATA website:
  • Suitable for: Desktop PCs
  • Module specification: 240Pin Unbuffered-DIMM Non ECC
  • Versions available: 2GB Kit (1GBx2)
  • Pin layout: 128m x8
  • Transmission bandwidth: 12800MB/Sec(PC3-12800)
  • CL value: 7-7-7-20
  • Working voltage: 1.75V-1.85V
  • Lifetime warranty


A-Data ships the memory in the most elaborate package I have seen for memory so far. The large box is made of cardboard and the full color paint job on the package is glossy. The A-Data and X-Series logo is clearly visible on the front, while the back holds the label. This is where you need to look if you want to know what's inside the package.

Opening the package is done in a "roll out" motion. The two parts hold a module each, which can be revealed by pulling the black box apart - very nice and certainly unique.
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