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XPG Invader Review

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The case ships in a rather simple box with some basic prints revolving around the enclosure and brand logos on the panels. While there are some pretty bold statements like "excellent cooling", "modular" and "capable internal space", it should be more than apparent that the first statement cannot possibly be upheld in the crowded case market as that means it is better than most out there. The second and third marketing points are also simply not realistic as other brands have made truly modular cases and allow for massive storage; the XPG Invader, on the other hand, comes with a pretty widely accepted vanilla format for a frame. In my humble opinion, one should always be immensely careful with such broad, generic claims.

That having been said, on the smaller panels, you will find a specifications table and some additional views with a sticker telling you which version you are getting.

Two foam spacers hold the XPG Invader in place perfectly, while a plastic bag has been placed over the chassis to protect it from fingerprints during the packaging process at the factory.


You will find a pretty standard set of parts with the chassis consisting of black screws, the required PSU mounting frame, and a few zip ties. On top of that, there is a fairly detailed manual and a nifty sheet with stickers to further brand things around you with the XPG logos if you like.
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