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Aerocool Project 7 PSU 650 W Review

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We would like to thank Aerocool for supplying the review sample.

Aerocool decided to add a high-end PSU series to their Project 7 product mix and teamed up with TechPowerUp for its 650 W offering. This unit's platform is by Andyson, and we at TPU set all the requirements and put the unit through numerous hours of beta testing before giving it the green light for production. We made sure this PSU would offer high performance while operating quietly and featuring a long hold-up time and an accurate power ok signal. Moreover, all protection features, including OTP, are included, and inrush current is notably lower than with the original platform. We also made sure to optimize its cable configuration and included a quality cooling fan. Aerocool even added RGB functionality and made sure to house everything inside a sightly PSU chassis.

Aerocool has made a point of paying additional attention to its newly released Project 7 lineup, which not only includes PSUs, but cases, gaming chairs, and cooling solutions. All Project 7 products feature a readily distinguishable look and RGB lighting (even the gaming chair has RGB lighting) and mostly address enthusiast users who are able to spend a bit more on acquiring high-end products.

The Project 7 PSU line consists of three members with capacities ranging from 650-850 W. Only the lowest capacity unit is co-developed with TPU, but all are certified for efficiency and noise by Cybenetics, a newcomer to the field with a promise of more accurate and detailed results than 80 PLUS, which has until recently been the only PSU efficiency certification agency for well over a decade.
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