Aerocool GT-SG 700 W Review 4

Aerocool GT-SG 700 W Review

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We would like to thank Aerocool for supplying the review sample.

"Gran Turismo" or "GT" is Italian and refers to high-performance sport luxury cars that are designed for long-distance driving. By now, you will probably already have begun to wonder what the abbreviation GT could possible imply for a PSU. Well, according to Aerocool, the acronym GT means that the PSU will serve you for a long time without giving you any trouble - while you play your favorite video games or take your PC through any of your other paces. Since the GT-SG series PSUs sport really cool looks, they will most likely be used inside gaming systems with windowed cases, which allows for a clear view of the internals, and not in boring, ordinary office systems with much lower requirements.

The GT-SG series includes three units with capacities ranging from 500 W to 1050 W. The middle model has 750 W maximum output power and will have the honor to meet our Chroma loaders during this review. Besides the nice white finish, the GT-700SG features Gold efficiency and a semi-modular cabling design. It is also equipped with a white 13.9 cm low-noise fan that is thermally controlled. Moreover, the PSU has four PCIe connectors, so it supports up to two high-end VGAs, and Aerocool speaks of a very high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) exceeding 120,000 hours. If that stands, we have a very reliable PSU that will provide users with many trouble-free years of operation.

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