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Alphacool Eisbaer 240 Review

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A Closer Look

The Eisbaer 240 features a radiator built onto the NexXxos ST30 design. Solid copper throughout with brass for the threads only, its fins-per-inch (FPI) count sit at 16, which means the use of high static pressure fans is not entirely necessary. Other than that, it's a simple radiator with nothing but the Alphacool logo.

The fittings are all G 1/4" and use a compression design. They are paired with 8mm ID / 10mm OD tubing with anti-kink coils. A quick-lock coupling is also present for easy expansion with Alphacool's GPX-Pro GPU AIOs. The pump features a readily accesible fill port; the tubing, fittings, and accessories are also definitely a step up from your typical all-in-one liquid coolers.

The CPU block-and-pump combination features a body made of plastic, with a small window for the coolant's fill level. The base itself is made of solid copper, and while not quite a mirror finish, it's definitely more polished than I thought it would be. The pump uses about 4 watts and has a flow rate of 70 liters an hour. The only limiting factor is the maximum lifting height of 0.85 meters. Even so, the pump is capable of driving a larger loop, and if paired with something like the GPX-Pro, a couple blocks and radiators would pose no problem.

Alphacool paired the Eisbaer with Eiswind fans that have a PWM range of 550-1700 RPM and a maximum CFM rating of 63.85.
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