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Alphacool Eiskoffer Professional Overview

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The only other Alphacool review on TechPowerUp was in 2016, which was before even I joined the team. At that time, the editor who covered keyboards was Dave, whom I ended up replacing, and he, funnily enough, just happens to be Alphacool's new marketing representative for English-speaking countries. One thing led to another and we both realized that there was a serious dearth of Alphacool product coverage here, especially pertaining to the DIY watercooling sector, and today, we set about correcting that with a look at their new Eiskoffer Professional bending and measuring kit. This is going to be a detailed overview as opposed to a review given the nature of the product, wherein objective reviews would not be possible without other such kits to compare against. Thanks again to Alphacool for sending a sample to TechPowerUp.

The Eiskoffer Professional is part of Alphacool's recent re-imagining of their product line to where everything now is named to begin with "Eis" ("ice" in English). In addition, the Eiskoffer contains a product line in itself, with various different tools and pieces inside that would be useful to those looking into hard-line tubing and making the process easier. There is always a market for kits that put together such items, sell at a discounted price, and even sometimes make them portable enough to merit the interest of enthusiasts and professional modders alike. Hence, the product is named as such, and we see that there is indeed a coffer here since a metal briefcase is the very first thing you will see.


Alphacool Eiskoffer Professional
Dimensions:720 x 110 x 420 mm
Mass:10 Kg / 22 lbs
Tube Compatibility:13 mm or 16 mm OD hard tube
Bending Plate:Metal with rubberized feet measuring 490 x 290 mm
Cutting Tools:Saw, gauge, deburrer, and gloves
Bending Tools:Tube stops, angled mandrels, 3D feeders, bending inserts
Warranty:Two years
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