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Alphacool Eiskoffer Professional Overview

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Packaging and Accessories

Since Alphacool runs a web shop as well, I wanted to examine their shipping packing in addition to that of the product. This is especially important for larger, heavier items such as this one coming in at 10 kg (22 lbs). A thick cardboard box was used here, with a plastic carrying handle at the top, which is appreciated, and two double flaps ensure the box inside does not slide out. Inside, we see a snug fit as well, which is just the way it should be to prevent any unnecessary movement of the product packaging.

There is a bubble wrap layer all around the product packaging, which in this case is also part of the product, further aiding against shipping and handling mishaps. Indeed, the Eiskoffer Professional arrived in near-perfect condition even though it shipped all the way from Germany. With the wrap removed, we can see that Alphacool has included a sturdy stainless steel briefcase, which makes the "koffer" in Eiskoffer a literal description, with a black plastic inlay that houses the Alphacool logo with the product name on both major sides. There is a sturdy handle to either side of which lies a lock with metal clip latches to keep the case shut even if you leave it unlocked.

Taking a look from the side, we see reinforced corners throughout to further help with the structural integrity of the case, especially if you plan on traveling with it. There are also outward extending metal pieces that would act as sacrificial agents by taking the worst of any bump, although the delivery service that got this to me from Germany did end up inadvertently testing it for me as well. I am happy to report that it got out with just a small dent on one corner, which too is only visible at an angle. The shipping packaging this came in also had a dent at that very spot, which confirms that this was something that happened during shipping and handling. Props to Alphacool then, although a stainless steel case such as this one is expected to last regardless.

Opening the case, we see an egg crate foam lining at the top and various pieces themselves fitted tightly inside shaped, cut pieces of thick foam. With this final part in play, I am confident in recommending this kit even to those needing to check it in for flights. We will examine the various pieces in more detail on the subsequent pages, but I wanted to point out the included manual (online copy here) which is thick and details every single piece included, and I strongly recommend going through it before trying anything else. It has German, English, and French language support and should satisfy the vast majority of Alphacool's customer base between those three languages.
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