AMD Radeon Crimson Edition Drivers Review 87

AMD Radeon Crimson Edition Drivers Review

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AMD Radeon Driver Installer

AMD Radeon Crimson Software has that fresh and new feeling right from its installer, which looks and works faster. We made a GIF that will walk you through it. There is no more "Express" install since AMD has chosen to always let you pick which components to install. The GIF is in a real time-scale, even if its frame-rate is low, which should give you a rough idea of how long the installation takes.

From what I understand, AMD is retiring the Gaming Evolved app by Raptr, which was originally meant as AMD's answer to NVIDIA's GeForce Experience app. This means that the "Gaming Evolved App" option should disappear from this list soon.

Also, for users who are installing over an existing CCC installation, the default option is to keep and update Catalyst Control Center. If you want the new Radeon Settings app, you'll have to uncheck "AMD Control Center" and check "AMD Settings" instead.

Last but not least, the "ACP Application" still hasn't received a proper description. ACP is AMD's abbreviation for Audio Co-processor (according to this redditor) and has something to do with the TrueAudio DSP. It isn't used in any notable games, so you can probably uncheck it.
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