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AMD Sempron 140 2.70 GHz Review

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AMD recently introduced the new Sempron family of processors which is based on the current K10.5 architecture and manufactured on a 45 nm process. It was a rather silent introduction, with very few websites reporting the news. Looking at the processor specifications, it's really hard to find something interesting, whether you're just a regular buyer or hardcore enthusiast.

Sempron 140 is a single core processor, for many people a thing of the past. But unlike other single core processors Sempron 140 packs a nice list of implemented technologies and enough performance to do some serious damage to Intel's entry level lineup. The new Sempron chips also hide away some really interesting features that enable you to literally double the computing performance, but first things first.

I would like to thank Links for providing the processor sample for this review.

Packaging and Contents

The Sempron 140 comes in a retail package that includes a short installation manual, AMD Sempron case-badge, AMD-certified aluminum heatsink, and of course the processor itself. AMD offers a 3-year warranty for all retail processors, including this one.
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