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Andyson Titanium N 700 W Review

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We would like to thank Andyson for supplying the review sample.

Andyson recently introduced a high capacity Platinum series and Titanium line for mid-range systems, which is impressive all on its own. The Titanium N series includes four members with capacities ranging from 500 W to 800 W. All feature a semi-modular cabling design in an effort to keep production costs low. We should stress here that Titanium units are still rare, especially in such capacities as the aforementioned range. Some will probably argue that the efficiency difference between Platinum- or even Gold-certified PSUs and Titanium ones doesn't justify the large price difference, and it really is huge in some cases, so whether you invest in a super efficient Titanium unit or get a more affordable, lower efficiency one is essentially up to you. We do believe that Platinum- and Titanium-certified PSU will become cheaper in due time, especially as even more efficient units are released (Adamantium, anyone?).

Today, the Titanium N700 will be put to the test. This single +12V rail unit doesn't feature a semi-passive operation, which might surprise some of you given it is incredibly efficient. Yet such isn't a deal breaker if its fan operates at very low speeds with light loads. Set aside its efficiency and its specifications are those of a mid-level PSU. However, we are anxious to see how it will perform since it is the first affordable 80 Plus Titanium unit to hit the market.

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